Sunday, March 27, 2011

Opening new doors...

Yesterday was my birthday. Several good things happened, too, other than turning one year older. To start with, I was able to fit into my size four jeans (with no muffin-top)!!!! I swear at that moment the skies opened up and I heard angels singing. That means I have reached my goal weight.... actually, I've surpassed it. I am now roughly 135 pounds, which ain't bad for 5'7". If you ever ask me in person how tall I am though, don't be surprised when I say 5'8". I was measured in the Dr's office the other day but the woman who measured me wasn't tall enough to reach the top to adjust it and it was pressing really hard on my head. So, in other words, I disagree with her measurement. Didn't tell her, wasn't worth it... I'm just glad the weight number was so much lower. I'm not used to it yet, either, because I've been looking at myself as a size 12-14 for the last two years. And the year before that I was pregnant. The whole weight thing is just such a relief for me, so now I've decided to lose about 10 more pounds for a little wiggle room.

One of my friends had me over for dinner last night and it was absolutely delicious. I mean, she went all out. She hung a birthday banner, her table was beautifully decorated, she served a salad with pine nuts and goat cheese, then Beef Bourguignon, only to be followed by a Decadent Chocolate Cake. Using the word "delicious" just doesn't do it justice. Oh, and of course she had a fabulous Bordeaux with dinner and a then a dessert wine with the cake. I was SPOILED. It was such a nice evening with great company! Then we came home and I was able to Skype with my husband. I can't tell you how much I miss him. Even from halfway around the world that man manages to make me feel like a queen. So, all in all, it was a great birthday.

Today, I had three doors installed. I now have an awesome storm door in the front, and two screen doors on the back of the house. I even splurged on the front door and got the model with the easiest pull bar for the screen. No pain-in-the-ass tabs to squeeze and break my nails! All installed just in time to enjoy this spring weather before the summer humidity and sweltering heat begins.

Although I haven't written in over a month, I am determined to start writing again... consistently. Consider it a threat.