Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two tear tralious

Our trip to Atlanta was bittersweet. When we arrived at the aquarium, Alyssa was full of energy and ready to go. Two hours later she was tired of walking and begging her daddy to carry her, so we decided to call it a day and go on to the hotel. I had gotten a great deal on Priceline for a four star hotel and couldn't wait to get there anyway. After our stay in a beautiful room with a great view, I think I'll be using Priceline for any time we need a hotel. For dinner, we went to a restaurant named Simon's Steakhouse and Seafood. We just pulled up a list of nearby restaurants on the TomTom and thought it sounded good. We were NOT disappointed. This was the best experience we've had eating out in a very long time. The service was great, our food was exceptionally good (and hot) and the ambiance was nice.... so, if you're ever in Atlanta, go to Simon's.

We got up early yesterday morning to get ready to go to the airport. His flight was leaving at nine, but you know how you have to be there much earlier. We said our good-byes around 7:30 and watched him go through the security gate. I escaped that place with only two tears, but a horrible sadness that literally felt like pressure in my chest seemed to set in. Alyssa and I started our drive home and I decided to stop at McDonald's to let her eat some hotcakes and a hash brown. She was more interested in the play area, so after convincing her that if she ate some of her food she could go play, she finally took about 5 bites of the hotcakes. Once she figured out how to get to the highest slide she was in heaven. Of course, she threw a fit when I said it was time to go, but hey... she'd be a weird two year old if she didn't.

Once home, I was still feeling that sense of sadness so strongly. When I saw his flip flops by the door it shocked me for a moment. One, that he forgot them, and two, that he wouldn't be coming downstairs to put them on. So... I got busy. I cleaned the kitchen and made some salsa. There just wasn't much to do after that. If he were here, we would've been talking about what to eat for dinner and whether or not to have a glass of red or sweet white. BUT, as I keep reminding myself, in only a few weeks we will be going to see him! Thank god we're over the hump. Seven months down. yay. yippee. whoo hooo. Hmmm, that doesn't seem very convincing, does it? Maybe because it's just hard to miss someone. As a matter of fact, I made the realization yesterday that in English, the terms we use for emotions are so limited. Think of the word "grief". There are so many different shades of grieving that it seems we should have developed some other adjectives. Me missing him is not the same as someone missing a loved one who has passed away, or someone who has gone through a break-up, but we use the same word for many different situations. Shakespeare coined over 17,000 words... did you know that? I've never even coined one, but that man seemed to make one up at least everyday. I wonder if his friends thought he was mental? Well, either way, turns out he was brilliant (I think he even coined THAT word, lol), so here's my shot at it: My new word to describe the emotion of missing someone you love due to long distance is~~~~~~~~~ tralious... (trah-lee-us) as in "I'm very tralious when my husband is halfway across the world."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trips galore

Ahhhhh, how time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe that three and a half weeks have evaporated so quickly. We've done some really fun things, too. We went to the firing range on our last date. My aim was great. We took Alyssa to the zoo a few days ago, which she loved. We're taking her to the aquarium in a couple of days, too. I'm excited about this trip. I managed to get a room at a four star hotel for cheap, cheap, cheap. It will be a bittersweet trip since my Superman will be flying out and going back to work. Enough about that, though. I am focusing on the fact that we will be going to South Korea in two months... that's only 8 weeks! After six months without him, eight weeks is hardly anything. Which reminds me of the fact that I'm going to have to find someone to feed my cat for the month that we are gone. (Kimberly if you are reading this, Ginger is specifically requesting YOU! She meowed that she's ready to travel.)

My dad came down for a visit and left yesterday. Alyssa just loves her Papaw. She doesn't really talk about anyone else in our families... just him. Several times a week she'll ask me to call Papaw or bring him up in her conversations with Piglet. I guess kids just pick their favorites. He seems to be a favorite for several little girls from what I understand. It doesn't surprise me, though. He's just got that charm.

Tonight is date night. I got a great Groupon deal for the movies but haven't received the codes yet, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Dinner, of course, to start out with. Ugh... which reminds me of the eight pounds I've gained since he's been home. I stepped on the scale this morning and thought "Well, I'm sure as hell not getting into that dress tonight!" Oh well, no need to obsess. I'm only 138. Who wants to restrict their diet after six months of all kinds of deprivation? Not me, I'll tell you! There's enough time for that when he goes back to SK. We've enjoyed pizza, steaks, wines, desserts, and each other. It's been worth each pound.

Another trip I'm planning is one to Tennessee next month. As a matter of fact, I think we'll go up there twice. That way we'll be I'll be able to help my dad with a couple of things and see several of my friends. It'll make the time in between trips go faster, too.

Friday, June 17, 2011


It's a low-key Friday evening. I've procrastinated in starting dinner, after having a glass... or two of Chianti.

A funny thing happened this afternoon*. Alyssa and I were sitting on the patio while Bruce was attempting to clean up after doing some yard work. Alyssa seemed to be scared of the weed eater when he brought it up on the deck. Just as soon as he said "I don't know why she's scared of the weed eater.... you've used it two times this year", he turned to grab the extension cord (still plugged into the weed eater) and proceeds to try to dismember his leg from the rest of his body. I call it karma. Lol... before you begin to think it was really bad, it wasn't. It does look as if he were whipped, though. But, seeing as he's tough as woodpecker lips, he's fine. I immediately got him a bag of ice, Tylenol, and an orange soda because I'm such a great wife. You should've heard the sarcasm in his voice when he said it, though. Had you, then you'd understand why I found the whole incident rather funny. Timing is everything.
*Disclaimer ~ I never laughed... at least not til later.

We've got a date tomorrow night. My sweet neighbor will be watching Alyssa while we go to the firing range and then out to dinner. I'm really looking forward to it. Bang, bang.

Father's Day is Sunday. Let me just take a moment to tell you about my dad. He's truly one of the best men I've ever known. He's a hard worker, a good dancer, he can sing "Wooly Bully" like nobody's business and he can shoot the heads off little copperheads. He's a great woodworker, he restores antique cars, and he loves his kids and grand kids. He's loyal, trustworthy, and funny. I've looked up to this man my entire life. He's always been there for me, no matter what. To say I love him just doesn't do it justice. Without him... well, lol... I wouldn't be here. I owe him so much. So, here's to you Daddy.... YOU ROCK, and I love you so very much!

As far as my husband... well, I think he's a fabulous daddy, too. I imagine that Alyssa will have the same opinion of her father, as I do of mine, when she gets older.

May all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

I've gained five pounds since Bruce has been home. No wonder, too. I've been eating cheesecake, steak and lots of bread, among other things. I'm trying not to obsess about it, and just enjoy his visit. I keep telling myself "Relax, you were lookin' bony anyway".... but that dress! I want to wear it again before he leaves, so I guess I'll have to be a little more conscientious of what I put in my mouth. I just can't help it when he's around, though. I'm so happy.... and hungry.

I did not sleep in this morning. Last night Bruce looked at me and said "You know what I'm going to do for you?" I knew from his expression that it wasn't something he was going to do for "me", but rather something that he wanted me to do but was only phrasing it as if he was doing me a favor. I pouted just a minute, but since he's always so sweet I gave in. He's still sleeping, too. I have this incredible urge to go upstairs, throw open the door, jump on the bed and yell "RISE AND SHINE!!!", but I have to fight the feeling. I imagine he would return the favor.

We had a fun day yesterday. After Alyssa's nap, Bruce filled her little pool and I put her in her tutu bathing suit.

 She kept tapping the top of her head for more every time I stopped spraying.

 Yes, I know I take up 75% of the pool.

 Alyssa ~ the wet ballerina.

Bruce threatening me with a pink elephant.

After pool time, we got the bubbles out. It was all fun and bubbles til I broke her bubble wand. Thank goodness she'd already been playing with it for a good 30 minutes. By the time I swung the wand in a big circle, only to snap off the handle, she was pretty much bored with it.

Not a whole lot on the agenda today. Just go to the store for some groceries. Oh, and get a night-light for Alyssa. We had a hard time at bedtime last night, and I think she may be scared of the dark. I came to this conclusion because she has a little music machine/projector attached to her crib and the batteries were too low for the projector last night. When I thought about it, I realized she always rolls onto her stomach when we say goodnight, so she's not even watching it anyway. It must just be for the extra light. It's worth a shot to try the night-light. After going back up to her room several times, we decided to let her cry it out. It lasted for about 30 minutes. Arghhhhh, that kills me. Bruce is completely impervious to it, but it gets to me. It wasn't just a little crying... more like screaming as if someone where ripping her Piglet limb from limb. Bless her heart.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reputations, guns and monkeys.

We have been quite productive today, but don't tell anyone... I'd hate to ruin our reputations.

I had a coffee date with my friend Heather this morning. Even though she's waaaaaay up North now, that's not stopping us. We just decided to continue our Monday morning get-togethers over the phone. Brilliant, I tell you. I definitely see this as becoming a nice habit.

We got the gun repaired (correctly this time) and did our passport applications. We should be receiving the passports in the next 6-8 weeks. Whooo hoooo, South Korea here we come!

All we have left to do on our list for this week is the yardwork and to schedule some family pictures. I think we'll be taking a day trip this week, too. There's a zoo about an hour and half from us, and I think Alyssa would get a big kick out of it.

Now that the toddler is in bed, it's my time with my wonderful husband. We'll be watching "The Company Men" while enjoying some cheesecake. **Sigh** Why can't every night be like this?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out on the town

Last night was a great date! We stayed out until MIDNIGHT! Dinner at Bollweevil's Cafe and Sweetery was delicious. We tried their fried green tomatoes, I had a tomato and green apple soup, both of us had the Sirloin (it seems we always want the same thing), and although the desserts were humongous we both ordered one. He picked the blueberry cheesecake and I went for the foot-tall red velvet cake. We actually had to get a to-go box for what was left of the desserts.

After dinner we decided to find some live music downtown but it was dead. I don't know if it's the economy or the town, but I was really surprised. At 9:00 at night I thought we'd see people everywhere downtown, but there weren't. I know things don't pick up til 10/11pm, but I really expected to see more people out on a warm night downtown. So anyway, we went to The Country Club. Not the pretentious kind, but the country music kind. The band was great, but the crowd was pitiful. The place was full, but I'll tell ya.... I've been in bars 1/4 the size that were 10 times louder. No one clapped and the only time anyone danced was in between sets when they played the electric slide. I clapped, of course, but I'm not scared of looking like a dork.

My sweet neighbor babysat Alyssa for us. I'm trying to figure out a good gift to get her. She told me she'd babysit anytime while Bruce was home, so I foresee a few more dates in our near future. I don't know what we'll do next time, but dinner and music is always a good fallback plan.

We're both so tired today. All of us are going to be taking a nap soon. Then off for some errands this afternoon. It's been a great week.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dates, desserts, and the undeserving

Tonight is Date Night! I'm wearing my other new dress, which Bruce hasn't seen yet, sky high heels, and I'm very excited. I just made reservations at a posh little restaurant downtown, which has received many awards for their desserts, and has also been featured on Paula Deen. That's a legitimate endorsement in my book. I decided to skip lunch once I got a peek at the dessert menu... all two pages of it!

We've been having a wonderful time together since he's been home. It's tragic that time seems to evaporate, though. It honestly doesn't feel like he's been home for a week and a half. At least it will be one more month down, and closer to the trip Alyssa and I plan on taking to visit him. Then we'll be in the home stretch! Whew... I'll be a happy woman when this year is finished.

As if I don't brag about my husband enough, let me just go on about him a little more.... Since he's been home I've been able to sleep in almost every single morning. The only thing about that is when I religiously get up between 5 and 5:30, sleeping until 6:30 is as late as I can manage. That's OK, though. I want to spend as much time with him as possible. He's also been giving her her baths, putting her down for bed at night, and doing all sorts of random sweet things. I know I'm a lucky girl, and I never take it for granted.

I've got this thing stuck in my brain and I'm going to get it out here. It's not all sweet and fuzzy, so if you're not in the mood for a little rant, just do yourself a favor and close the page now.

I know this woman who is amazing. We've been friends for awhile. She's very intelligent, hard-working, sometimes quite wild, and pretty cute to boot. She's been tested over the last year and a half... kind of in the way that I was several years ago. I've been thinking about her situation, and how we have to endure some pretty crappy people sometimes. Why is it that some people so clearly self-sabotage any chance of happiness that is offered to them? Is it that they have some warped sense of entitlement? Something that makes them think that those close to them are simply there at their disposal to treat badly? Or are they just stupid? I'm not going anywhere in particular with this train of thought, except maybe with the egotistical hope that if he reads this, he'll get an idea of what I think of him. So, here goes: I think you are a sorry excuse for a man. No respect for you, whatsoever. You are a selfish, egotistical, annoying person. One who wouldn't even begin to know what a good woman was even when you had her. Sadly for you, (deservedly so) you will never be happy because your brain is already warped to think you're behavior is normal or acceptable. That should be punishment enough for what you've put my friend through. She'll get over this, that I have no doubt about. You though... you're going to be stuck with yourself for much longer. Oh, and here's a warning to you... don't let your over-inflated, undeserved ego allow you to think you could ever threaten the loyalty of her family and friends. In other words, or rather simpler ones that you may be able to understand: We've all had enough of you. You better stay out of our line of sight. Y'know that saying "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Even now, your actions are ones that I'm sure you don't want others knowing about.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alcohol... makes things so much fun!

What better to do on a Tuesday night, but drink excessively and play games with your husband? Not much I say!

We are having a blast. The toddler is in bed, Pandora is playing, and Bruce just made a round of drinks. I tried to get him to do a shot of tequila about 5 minutes ago, but he wasn't havin' it.... Sissy.

I'll report on the outcome tomorrow.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good news, bad news, and flyin' leaps through the air

Good news: There is hope in regards to my surgery. I spoke with someone within the insurance company regarding my denial letter, who said my procedure SHOULD be covered and that she couldn't understand why it was denied. She then looked a little farther into it and discovered that my PCM didn't send any of the necessary records. I feel as if I'm being made to jump through hoops on this! Now, I used to work for a neurosurgeon, so I just can't understand how they dropped the ball like that. Anyone in the medical field knows that you have to send all corresponding medical records in for precertifications such as this. I don't know exactly where the fault lays, but no matter, moving on.... I must write/fax a reconsideration letter, which will take about three weeks for them to review and decide upon. Considering this started at the end of February, who knows how long it will take to resolve it. It doesn't seem to be a reasonable amount of time to me, though. Oh, and now the off-post surgeon thinks it IS necessary for me to have a mammogram. So, that's on the list, too.

Bad news: Some money-hungry twit* (edited for language) is trying to sue us, or rather our insurance company. My husband rear-ended her last September. It was on the exit ramp coming off the interstate. She started to go, then stopped right in the middle of two lanes. Just stopped. Nothing coming around her. He says it wasn't a hard hit, especially considering he was going about 5 mph. She was fine when the officer asked about any injuries, but once she went home she decided to go to the ER about two hours later. What really makes me mad is NOT the fact that she wants compensation for her ER bills/lost wages, but instead that she wants $30,000!!!!!!!! Her medical was $4,202. Her lost wages were $4,500. Her lawyer wants a third. Our insurance company offered her $13,000 to cover everything, which DID cover everything, but that's not enough for her. So, the day we came back from picking up my husband at the airport, we get home to find a deputy's business card in our mailbox. We called. He showed up and served my husband with the papers. What I find amazing is HOW did she know when he would be home?

Enough of all that.

I've got Bruce hooked on Pandora now, too. I'm always amused that a Northern boy such as himself is such a country fan. We've been listening to it for the last two days and I hear my southern twang resurfacing. Oh well, who am I kidding? It's not like I could ever completely hide it anyway ;)

Bruce and Alyssa are rough-housing. They mean business, too. I'm talking about flying leaps from the edge of the couch to body slam him. He's been throwing her up in the air in the way that makes my heart stop, but she's just a little adrenaline junkie and howls with laughter. I love seeing them so happy together.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a grilled cheese for me, please...

What a day! I was up at 4am, although my alarm was set for 5. I made it to Atlanta and back home by 3:30, and that included lunch. Yes, I picked my wonderful, darling husband up at the airport! Bless his heart... he's passed out on the couch right now. We reunited, went to lunch, and made our way home.

Alyssa didn't have a nap today, so I'm about to make her a grilled cheese and put her to bed. Then I guess I will drag my husband upstairs to sleep. I don't think he'll be good for anything, considering he was up for about 45 hours straight. Somehow or another, he said he couldn't sleep during the 13 hour flight. Go figure.

I'm pretty tired, too, but so very happy to have him home for the next few weeks.

Yeah, I'm really happy. It's a sense of contentment that I haven't felt in a long time.

Life is good.