Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two tear tralious

Our trip to Atlanta was bittersweet. When we arrived at the aquarium, Alyssa was full of energy and ready to go. Two hours later she was tired of walking and begging her daddy to carry her, so we decided to call it a day and go on to the hotel. I had gotten a great deal on Priceline for a four star hotel and couldn't wait to get there anyway. After our stay in a beautiful room with a great view, I think I'll be using Priceline for any time we need a hotel. For dinner, we went to a restaurant named Simon's Steakhouse and Seafood. We just pulled up a list of nearby restaurants on the TomTom and thought it sounded good. We were NOT disappointed. This was the best experience we've had eating out in a very long time. The service was great, our food was exceptionally good (and hot) and the ambiance was nice.... so, if you're ever in Atlanta, go to Simon's.

We got up early yesterday morning to get ready to go to the airport. His flight was leaving at nine, but you know how you have to be there much earlier. We said our good-byes around 7:30 and watched him go through the security gate. I escaped that place with only two tears, but a horrible sadness that literally felt like pressure in my chest seemed to set in. Alyssa and I started our drive home and I decided to stop at McDonald's to let her eat some hotcakes and a hash brown. She was more interested in the play area, so after convincing her that if she ate some of her food she could go play, she finally took about 5 bites of the hotcakes. Once she figured out how to get to the highest slide she was in heaven. Of course, she threw a fit when I said it was time to go, but hey... she'd be a weird two year old if she didn't.

Once home, I was still feeling that sense of sadness so strongly. When I saw his flip flops by the door it shocked me for a moment. One, that he forgot them, and two, that he wouldn't be coming downstairs to put them on. So... I got busy. I cleaned the kitchen and made some salsa. There just wasn't much to do after that. If he were here, we would've been talking about what to eat for dinner and whether or not to have a glass of red or sweet white. BUT, as I keep reminding myself, in only a few weeks we will be going to see him! Thank god we're over the hump. Seven months down. yay. yippee. whoo hooo. Hmmm, that doesn't seem very convincing, does it? Maybe because it's just hard to miss someone. As a matter of fact, I made the realization yesterday that in English, the terms we use for emotions are so limited. Think of the word "grief". There are so many different shades of grieving that it seems we should have developed some other adjectives. Me missing him is not the same as someone missing a loved one who has passed away, or someone who has gone through a break-up, but we use the same word for many different situations. Shakespeare coined over 17,000 words... did you know that? I've never even coined one, but that man seemed to make one up at least everyday. I wonder if his friends thought he was mental? Well, either way, turns out he was brilliant (I think he even coined THAT word, lol), so here's my shot at it: My new word to describe the emotion of missing someone you love due to long distance is~~~~~~~~~ tralious... (trah-lee-us) as in "I'm very tralious when my husband is halfway across the world."

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