Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good news, bad news, and flyin' leaps through the air

Good news: There is hope in regards to my surgery. I spoke with someone within the insurance company regarding my denial letter, who said my procedure SHOULD be covered and that she couldn't understand why it was denied. She then looked a little farther into it and discovered that my PCM didn't send any of the necessary records. I feel as if I'm being made to jump through hoops on this! Now, I used to work for a neurosurgeon, so I just can't understand how they dropped the ball like that. Anyone in the medical field knows that you have to send all corresponding medical records in for precertifications such as this. I don't know exactly where the fault lays, but no matter, moving on.... I must write/fax a reconsideration letter, which will take about three weeks for them to review and decide upon. Considering this started at the end of February, who knows how long it will take to resolve it. It doesn't seem to be a reasonable amount of time to me, though. Oh, and now the off-post surgeon thinks it IS necessary for me to have a mammogram. So, that's on the list, too.

Bad news: Some money-hungry twit* (edited for language) is trying to sue us, or rather our insurance company. My husband rear-ended her last September. It was on the exit ramp coming off the interstate. She started to go, then stopped right in the middle of two lanes. Just stopped. Nothing coming around her. He says it wasn't a hard hit, especially considering he was going about 5 mph. She was fine when the officer asked about any injuries, but once she went home she decided to go to the ER about two hours later. What really makes me mad is NOT the fact that she wants compensation for her ER bills/lost wages, but instead that she wants $30,000!!!!!!!! Her medical was $4,202. Her lost wages were $4,500. Her lawyer wants a third. Our insurance company offered her $13,000 to cover everything, which DID cover everything, but that's not enough for her. So, the day we came back from picking up my husband at the airport, we get home to find a deputy's business card in our mailbox. We called. He showed up and served my husband with the papers. What I find amazing is HOW did she know when he would be home?

Enough of all that.

I've got Bruce hooked on Pandora now, too. I'm always amused that a Northern boy such as himself is such a country fan. We've been listening to it for the last two days and I hear my southern twang resurfacing. Oh well, who am I kidding? It's not like I could ever completely hide it anyway ;)

Bruce and Alyssa are rough-housing. They mean business, too. I'm talking about flying leaps from the edge of the couch to body slam him. He's been throwing her up in the air in the way that makes my heart stop, but she's just a little adrenaline junkie and howls with laughter. I love seeing them so happy together.

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