Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a grilled cheese for me, please...

What a day! I was up at 4am, although my alarm was set for 5. I made it to Atlanta and back home by 3:30, and that included lunch. Yes, I picked my wonderful, darling husband up at the airport! Bless his heart... he's passed out on the couch right now. We reunited, went to lunch, and made our way home.

Alyssa didn't have a nap today, so I'm about to make her a grilled cheese and put her to bed. Then I guess I will drag my husband upstairs to sleep. I don't think he'll be good for anything, considering he was up for about 45 hours straight. Somehow or another, he said he couldn't sleep during the 13 hour flight. Go figure.

I'm pretty tired, too, but so very happy to have him home for the next few weeks.

Yeah, I'm really happy. It's a sense of contentment that I haven't felt in a long time.

Life is good.

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