Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trips galore

Ahhhhh, how time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe that three and a half weeks have evaporated so quickly. We've done some really fun things, too. We went to the firing range on our last date. My aim was great. We took Alyssa to the zoo a few days ago, which she loved. We're taking her to the aquarium in a couple of days, too. I'm excited about this trip. I managed to get a room at a four star hotel for cheap, cheap, cheap. It will be a bittersweet trip since my Superman will be flying out and going back to work. Enough about that, though. I am focusing on the fact that we will be going to South Korea in two months... that's only 8 weeks! After six months without him, eight weeks is hardly anything. Which reminds me of the fact that I'm going to have to find someone to feed my cat for the month that we are gone. (Kimberly if you are reading this, Ginger is specifically requesting YOU! She meowed that she's ready to travel.)

My dad came down for a visit and left yesterday. Alyssa just loves her Papaw. She doesn't really talk about anyone else in our families... just him. Several times a week she'll ask me to call Papaw or bring him up in her conversations with Piglet. I guess kids just pick their favorites. He seems to be a favorite for several little girls from what I understand. It doesn't surprise me, though. He's just got that charm.

Tonight is date night. I got a great Groupon deal for the movies but haven't received the codes yet, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Dinner, of course, to start out with. Ugh... which reminds me of the eight pounds I've gained since he's been home. I stepped on the scale this morning and thought "Well, I'm sure as hell not getting into that dress tonight!" Oh well, no need to obsess. I'm only 138. Who wants to restrict their diet after six months of all kinds of deprivation? Not me, I'll tell you! There's enough time for that when he goes back to SK. We've enjoyed pizza, steaks, wines, desserts, and each other. It's been worth each pound.

Another trip I'm planning is one to Tennessee next month. As a matter of fact, I think we'll go up there twice. That way we'll be I'll be able to help my dad with a couple of things and see several of my friends. It'll make the time in between trips go faster, too.

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