Friday, June 17, 2011


It's a low-key Friday evening. I've procrastinated in starting dinner, after having a glass... or two of Chianti.

A funny thing happened this afternoon*. Alyssa and I were sitting on the patio while Bruce was attempting to clean up after doing some yard work. Alyssa seemed to be scared of the weed eater when he brought it up on the deck. Just as soon as he said "I don't know why she's scared of the weed eater.... you've used it two times this year", he turned to grab the extension cord (still plugged into the weed eater) and proceeds to try to dismember his leg from the rest of his body. I call it karma. Lol... before you begin to think it was really bad, it wasn't. It does look as if he were whipped, though. But, seeing as he's tough as woodpecker lips, he's fine. I immediately got him a bag of ice, Tylenol, and an orange soda because I'm such a great wife. You should've heard the sarcasm in his voice when he said it, though. Had you, then you'd understand why I found the whole incident rather funny. Timing is everything.
*Disclaimer ~ I never laughed... at least not til later.

We've got a date tomorrow night. My sweet neighbor will be watching Alyssa while we go to the firing range and then out to dinner. I'm really looking forward to it. Bang, bang.

Father's Day is Sunday. Let me just take a moment to tell you about my dad. He's truly one of the best men I've ever known. He's a hard worker, a good dancer, he can sing "Wooly Bully" like nobody's business and he can shoot the heads off little copperheads. He's a great woodworker, he restores antique cars, and he loves his kids and grand kids. He's loyal, trustworthy, and funny. I've looked up to this man my entire life. He's always been there for me, no matter what. To say I love him just doesn't do it justice. Without him... well, lol... I wouldn't be here. I owe him so much. So, here's to you Daddy.... YOU ROCK, and I love you so very much!

As far as my husband... well, I think he's a fabulous daddy, too. I imagine that Alyssa will have the same opinion of her father, as I do of mine, when she gets older.

May all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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