Monday, February 21, 2011

Something to crow about...

At last! Something worth putting down in.... uh, cyberspace. My niece is the TN State Wrestling Champion in the 105lb weight class!!! She rocks! I was told she pinned the first girl in 34 seconds and the second girl in 41 seconds. Yeah, she's got superpowers.

Valentine's Day was nice. Even though Bruce and I weren't together, it was still pretty romantic. He manages to pull all this off from so many miles away, too. Roses, which are still beautiful a week later, a gift certificate for a massage, and even one more package is on it's way. He said he mailed it a week and a half ago so it's got to be here any day now.

I've started a new list of things to do. My projects this week are: Start on the passports (mine is a hassle) and go by the education center on base. Going out with Alyssa lately has been a challenge, though. I can now completely understand what my brother meant when he said he didn't take the kids out til they were about 8. Makes sense to me now. Y'see... I like to avoid drama... oh yes, it's true... I'm not real big on any loud scenes in public. I can't say the same for Alyssa, though. She's been acting like a real drama queen. She actually got the best of me the other day. To put it simply... I was defeated by a two year old. Reduced to tears. After ten hours of tantrums, fits, moods, frustrations, tears, and pouty lips I was crying on Skype to my husband that "She's just SO MEAN TO ME" sob, sob, sob. And I know in all reality this will never completely stop. Girls, by nature, give their mothers hell. Oh, and there was also the phone call to my mom that same day with more sobbing "I JUST WISH you lived here so I could JUST LEAVE her with you for a few hours" followed by more sobbing. I only admit to this defeat because I swear it'll never happen again. Mark my words. Seriously. I mean it. I'll be tougher next time. I am a smart and edu-ma-cated woman! Surely I can outsmart a two year old?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Two months down

With only 10 months to go, I think this thing is gonna be easy!.... Not.

Obviously, I haven't been posting in the last few days. I just don't have the heart to try to be funny, witty, or  even attempt to put interesting thoughts together. I'll be ok, though. My poor little heart is just sad.

I have been keeping busy, though. I've just finished reading Twilight, which seemed to get better and better which each page I turned. I didn't really expect to like it that much, but by the end of the book I was hooked. My girlfriend, Heather, loaned the book to me, and I can't wait to start the next one.

Kimberly and I have started a book club. It's just me and her right now, but I have a feeling all the cool people will ended up wanting to be part of our "club". Our first book that we're going to discuss is Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I read a review about it in Town & Country and it seems it will be interesting.

One fun thing that I've done in the last week was my bedroom. I ordered a new comforter and bought some really great pillows and sheets at Ross. I lucked out with the sheets, too. I had found some sheets that would have looked great with the set, but they weren't in stock. So, I went up to Ross to find some high thread count sheets, and LOW AND BEHOLD.... they had the sheets!!! One set. Size Queen. AND, they were $20 cheaper than online! It was one of those moments that I couldn't believe my luck.

After it was all washed, ironed and put together, I think the final product looks good. It only took two hours to iron all that! At least I managed to do it without burning myself, lol...

Alyssa had her speech evaluation. I really liked the doctor that we saw, too. She was great with Alyssa and didn't make me feel like I'm a bad parent.... lots of Dr.'s manage to do this, y'know. So, anyhoo... we'll be going back next week. She said there was a small delay, but nothing to worry about. I think she's right, too. When we were in Ross the other day, Alyssa got frustrated and actually said "Look at da baby!" That was music to my ears. I'm noticing more and more words in her vocabulary each and every day.

No big plans for this weekend. Kimberly was supposed to visit, but now she has to work, so we rescheduled the visit in a couple of weeks. Heather's coming over tonight with wine. It will be a good girl's night, I just know it.