Sunday, July 3, 2011

My surgery is scheduled!

Great news! I'm having surgery in less than two weeks!!! After writing the insurance company regarding the initial denial I'd received, it was overturned. Yay! This whole challenge has been going on since February, so I'm sure you can understand my relief that it's finally going to be resolved. My only concern now is trying to find someone to help me with Alyssa after I have it done. At least I've got the first three days covered, though. My first call was to my Hotlanta hottie, Kimberly, and she said "Of course I'll help". I almost cried with relief! It's difficult at times like this when Bruce is overseas, and I have no family close by. So, she's coming down the night before my surgery and staying through the weekend. Now, I just have to find some help for the week following that. One of the biggest reliefs with the approval is that they approved the Alloderm, which is not something that's normally approved. Because of this I'll have to have drainage tubes (ewwww, right?), which will be a little tricky with Alyssa, but I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow.

I'm back into my routine since Bruce has returned to South Korea. It's been much easier this time. We're Skyping in the mornings and it seems Alyssa knows this is how it's going to be for a while. Whew... that part is a relief. There's nothing worse than a two year old having a broken heart... just about killed me the first time around.

Oh, I got her passport in the mail the other day. It's just the cutest thing. They also mailed back her original birth certificate, which impressed me. I'm sure my passport will be arriving shortly. Between the surgery, healing time, and excitement of getting ready for our trip to visit him, the next month and a half should go quickly.

We went over to my neighbor's house on Thursday. She's in her sixties and cool as can be. She's computer illiterate, though, and needed some help getting back online. After two hours of trying to get her wireless router and modem working together and several calls to Comcast, I told her we needed some alcohol. I swear I think Comcast had brought in some of the Saturday Night Live characters from the IT skits. One chick had it down to a "T" and was really getting on my nerves. She kept snappin' at me and giving directions way too fast. I could just hear her rolling her eyes through the phone. I'm pretty decent with computers, so it wasn't as if I couldn't keep up, but she'd tell me to do something, then back-track, then snap at me when she made a mistake. She sounded like she had a big wart on the end of her nose.... bless her heart. So, anyway, my neighbor ran over to my house and grabbed two bottles of wine while I was still on the phone with Comcast . Then her daughter, Michelle, came over with her kids and we proceeded to drink until 11. These two are fabulous. We laughed, we sang, we drank and then laughed some more. At 11 I knew I had to get home with Alyssa, but Michelle said "NO, NO, NO.... let's go swimming at my house!" I gave it some thought, but asked for a raincheck. Seems I missed all the excitement. They all went to her house and swam for another two hours. When my neighbor was trying to round up her two chihuahuas to come home, she somehow managed to vault herself over a fence which was backed by another fence, and get stuck! Spritely for sixty-something, wouldn't you say? Sprained her ankle, and they had to call Michelle's neighbor to come help them dislodge her at 1am in the morning. I stopped by on Friday to see about securing her wireless router and got the whole story. That ankle was shiny it was so swollen. She must be as tough as woodpecker lips because I had to MAKE her take some Motrin and prop her foot on a chair. I hope she heals quickly, and next time I'm not passing up the opportunity for night swimming.

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