Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I can do it!... But how?

I'm getting a little nervous about next week. I'm also disappointed about having to change my plans for going to TN to visit. This was going to be the first time I've seen some of my sorority sisters in years, and now I'm going to have to cancel. There's just too much to do before the surgery and I think it's best to stick around here until afterwards. Ugh... I really was so excited about the get together :(

Now the conundrum is trying to figure out how I'm going to take care of Alyssa when I won't be able to lift over 5 pounds for weeks. Two  One of my friends has the first five days covered (thank you baby jesus for Kimberly), but no plan after that. I'm trying to avoid having to hire someone since that would be really expensive for 13 hours a day, but we'll see. If I put the surgery off any longer, though, then it literally wouldn't happen until 2012. So, come hell or high water I'll figure something out. If any one's got an idea... let me know!

We drove to Aldi in South Carolina today. Ooooh, I just love that place. I actually made it out of there under $100. That included wine, too. Other than fruits, veggies, diapers and milk, I'm set for the next month.

Wisdom of the week: Do not talk to strangers. Seriously people. There's a reason the word "strangers" contains "strange".

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