Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yes, Santa, I've been a very, very good girl.

Bruce has been home for two weeks but it's hard to believe. In a way I feel like he just got home yesterday, but then there are moments when it feels as if he was never gone. It's odd in a way to feel like this, but either way I am so truly happy to enjoy his company again. This wonderful man has let me sleep in almost every morning. He's gotten up with Alyssa, made her breakfast, entertained her... all while I sleep away upstairs. Two mornings I even slept til 9am! I almost feel rested. HAHAHAHA.... then I remember that all hell is about to break loose with our schedule. Oh, the joy of it. Actually, I am very excited. Or at least I will be when we're in a house and unpacking.

I saw a Rheumatologist today. He asked me many questions, was concerned with my symptoms, and actually told me three things that my symptoms may be pointing to. He reviewed the xrays that were in the system and was able to see a couple of things that the initial Dr. who had ordered the xray missed. After he did an examination I went and had blood work, has a very specific x-ray of my pelvis done, then picked up a vitamin D supplement from the pharmacy for the deficiency I seem to have. I can't tell you how much better I feel, just from the fact alone that I was able to see a Dr. that seem to care, took the time to listen, followed up with his own questions, and finally gave me an idea of what my immune system may be doing. A part of me has relaxed just knowing that this man is obviously a good Dr. Too bad we're moving in two weeks, but he did say he will connect me with a Dr where we are going.

We took Alyssa to see Santa this morning. Poor Santa. He looked as if he was about to have congestive heart failure. He was sweating and wearing the weakest smile. The poor man needed a fan with that thick suit on. I may just call the mall tomorrow and tell them do something about that. Well, anyway, Alyssa sat on his lap, told him to look at her pretty dress, then told him she wanted a book, a ball, and a piano. Santa's got it covered. **wink**

This Christmas is going to big for us. Bruce is home, Alyssa turns three, and of course Santa's coming. What a day! Bruce already gave me my Christmas present 'cause I was just so damn good. It's a Kindle Fire. It is so cool and like any kid with a new toy, I take it everywhere with me. Now the big question is: What do I get him???? He wanted a camera, which we tried to buy, but they were out, and now he says he doesn't want one right now. What's a girl to do?!?! Brainstorming begins...

Merry Christmas!

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