Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's got a nice ring to it....

After two glasses of wine, this is all I have to say. Life is short. Wine is good. People are crazy.

OK... I'll elaborate a little more. My house is a wreck. We've been in our new home for two weeks and boxes are still everywhere. I think my expectations were set a little too high as I thought I'd have everything in it's place by now. Hell, it took me four days to simply get the kitchen done. That's about the time I lost my momentum. I found the coffee pot, though, and that was the highest priority. I'm still looking for my shower curtain. ARGHHHHHH! I've opened almost all the boxes, but it seems to be a futile search. Now, I didn't say I'd unpacked all those boxes, just that I'd opened them.

On a positive note: We bought a new couch and dining room set. One piece of the dining room set won't be here for another three weeks, but it's worth waiting for. It has a wine storage area. I like that. I've also bought several new rugs and a nice accent chair. The last two rugs for Alyssa's room and playroom came in today. So, all in all... I've got a mess.

My Jeep received a pretty large scratch on the driver's side about a week ago. Over six hundred dollars worth of damage. It seems as if someone said "Oh, F you and your new car" and then dug a key into the side. The guy from USAA said it wasn't a door "ding" or a shopping cart hit, that it was more than likely vandalism. Oh well, what can you do? From now on I'm going to park at the end of the lot and enjoy the walk. The only reason I didn't do this before is because I didn't want to be "obsessive" about it... it's ONLY a car. Yeah, now it's only more than $600 of damage.

I've found a babysitter so that Bruce and I can go out and celebrate our birthdays. We've decided to have two date nights within two weeks. This weekend we're going to dinner and next weekend we're going to see "John Carter". I'm really excited about the movie because Bruce and I started reading the books that it's based on. I'm about five books into the eleven book series. Let me tell you, Edgar Rice Burroughs was WAY ahead of his time. If you're interested, it's the Barsoom series. The first book is The Princess of Mars. The first five books are free on Kindle, as they are over 100 years old. So, anyway, we're going to see the movie. That'll be our "casual" date, while this weekend's dinner will be a dress-up evening. I'm going to find a nice place in Waikiki so that we can go for a walk on the beach afterwards.

Bruce already gave me my present. Here it is:

It's the one in the middle. I lub it. It's an Aquamarine surrounded by brown diamonds with clear diamonds on the band. He done good.


  1. Scratch on the Jeep...NOOOO!! I would have died! I know it is after all just a car, but it's just nice to keep it "new" for as long as possible! LOL glad you were able to get it fixed! Love, love, love the ring, he did good! :D

  2. Thank you, ladies!
    @Jessica ~ I know!I wish I could've caught the person while they did it. Ahhh, that would've been a redneck moment for me. ;)