Sunday, November 13, 2011

I welcome my enemy, the cold.

Usually I hate the idea of cold weather. The only things that I can possibly muster some enthusiasm about during this time of year are the 1 in 84,000 chance that I may be able to make a snow angel should it snow and snuggling closer to my husband in bed. Although he squirms and complains when I put my ice cube hands all over him while I laugh hilariously, I really think deep down he likes it. Other than that, I can't stand cold weather. My back hurts more from the arthritis and my fingers go bloodless-white and numb on the tips when I get cold for more than 10 minutes. Then there's also the other reasons that people generally don't like winter as much as all the other seasons: staying inside more, no cookouts, and less hours of daylight.

I walked outside this morning and I smelled it: The cold. Not just felt it, but caught a whiff of that crispness which promises only colder days to follow. This time I smiled. I was hit by a wave of joy and relief. It was this time last year that I said goodbye to my husband at the airport. At that time, the thought of an entire year passing was heartbreaking. It felt as if father time put a cruel hand up to halt the seconds from passing. The seasons have passed though, as they will. First was winter and the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. I trudged through each one telling myself it was just one of many more to come. Then spring entered in and a few more birthdays and holidays slipped by. When summer arrived, there was a brief reprieve when my husband came home to visit for a few weeks. That feels like forever ago... especially when the Georgia climate hangs onto summer like a two year old with its favorite toy. Finally the leaves have begun to change and fall. Now I welcome the cold. Let it come! It only means one of the most wonderful things in my life will be returning. In just a matter of weeks this entire melancholy separation will be over. Just in time for me to have my hot stud muffin back in bed to keep my ice digits warm on those really cold nights.

I'm also looking forward to our move. Well, not the move itself, but rather the climate of where we're going. I've heard Hawaii is pretty nice. **wink**

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