Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pain, corruption, and thoughts about men wearing pink.

It's been a week and I'm still in pain in several places. Tomorrow morning I'm biting the bullet and making an appoinment on base. It's gotten to the point that it's affecting a lot (everything) of what I do. So that's that.

On a positive note, I got my laptop back today! YAY! I had to send it back to the manufacturer because the motherboard had a major defect. It was corrupted. No surprise there. It tends to happen to objects that linger within the vicinity of this wicked woman. Hehehehe... Seriously, though, I'm just happy it was still under warranty. I sent it via UPS and got it back within a week and a half. That's a pretty good turn around rate. Now I'm relaxing in bed, writing this. Well, I'm attempting to. It seems the cursor is skipping, or my palm is brushing the pad, because about every other sentence the cursor jumps and starts inserting words in previous sentences. ARGH! When I start typing quickly it takes a minute to realize the words aren't going where they're supposed to. I can't justify a "drop" test on it at this point, seeing as I just got it back.

I've had a couple of great deals shopping in the last few days. I scored a pair of truly cute Crocs for less than $15, and that included shipping! They were originally $50. I've never bought a pair of Crocs, and I'm excited to be able to try them at such a fabulous price. Yesterday, I went to Target to get some diapers since I had four coupons to stack. It was like getting a free pack. Works for me everytime! It must have been my luuuuucky day because I found a cute/sexy bra and panty set in my size. Just one of each hanging together.... it was as if they were waiting for me. Just for me. I was more than happy to pay less than $10 for a set that was originally more than $30. Now, I just can't wait to show my husband (bow chica bow bow). Ah, but the savings don't stop there! I then got a fabulous deal online for two nice shirts for my husband. They were originally $34 each. After shipping, I paid less than $18 for both! Not for one, but both! I was showing my husband the pics online this morning while we Skyped. He didn't love the purple shirt. He actually asked me what he was supposed to wear it with! **rolling eyes**  It's a purple polo! I told him "Pants... ANY pants!" He thinks a purple polo won't go with jeans. Lol.... men. I told him he should be thankful I didn't buy the shirt in pink. Mark my words though, I WILL get him in a pink shirt before I die. Whether or not he's sober when I do it, or possibly incapacitated in some other form or fashion (pun intended).... it will happen.

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