Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grab some cheese, I've got a lot of WHINE

Argh. The pain. I mean, does everybody hurt? Does everybody wake up every day with several things hurting on their body? Am I just a sissy? My back is killing me. The right side of my ribcage AND underneath the right breast still hurts 3 months after the two surgeries. My ankle still hurts to the touch (it happened 4 weeks ago!). My stomach has been jacked up for days. I get aches in my abdomen that feel like a monthly thing, but it's not. My neck's got a crick in it. I've had a few headaches in the past couple of days, and that's not normal for me. I get pains in my chest. Some of these listed pains are not that bad all the time, but my back IS stealing the spotlight right now. I have no clue what I could have done to it. I had a spinal fusion from L3-S1 about 10 years ago, but haven's had any real pain in that area since before I was pregnant with Alyssa. I'm beginning to worry a little because it seems to be getting worse. I realized this when I was talking to my husband. Since we Skype everyday, we usually end up talking about even the smallest, most random things... like where I'm currently hurting. Oh, and I'm not depressed. I know that pain can be a side effect from depression, but this here girl is very happy with life. Not to say I'm not a little stressed with everything that's going on and about to happen in our near future, but I mentally feel really good. Seriously. So anyway, once I realized how often I was telling Bruce "This hurts"and "That hurts", I finally just said "OMG, I WILL quit complaining. Or at least I'll just say "WHINE" when I have a shot of pain." I'm scared I might end up sounding like an alcoholic to the uninformed fly on the wall. Which in case you might be wondering... no, I don't drink. Well, I had a couple of glasses while Kim was here, but it was no wild party.

ARGH. I took some Tylenol about an hour ago, but it's not helping.

What DOES almost depress me is the idea of going to the Dr. on base. I can't stand my PCM, and I've had a couple of not-so-positive experiences at this post clinic, where they obviously couldn't have cared less about doing their job. I just don't have faith that they're even going to take me seriously, so why go, be told I'm fine, leave there feeling like a sissy-whiner, and STILL be in pain? I'm going to go to my bedroom, lay very still, watch TV, and hope I feel better tomorrow.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been in such pain. And whiney days, don't we all have those? I am so excited for you and your move to in Paradise and with the man of your dreams? I'm jealous. ;)

    I have been thinking about trying Crocs for sometime, but I hadn't heard from anyone I knew personally that had worn them, I am SO going to give them a try now.