Sunday, October 9, 2011

So much done, and yet so much left to do!

We are home. It was such a wonderful time with my husband, but part of me is glad to be home. Bittersweet it the only word to describe it. The flight back was almost three hours shorter than going over and my daughter was so well-behaved I couldn't believe it. She hung in there like a champ! Considering it was 24 hours from the time we got up in South Korea until the time we got home she was amazing. My sister's boyfriend picked us up from the airport in Atlanta and chauffeured us home. He's quite the entertainer so it was a laughter-filled ride home, full of jokes and stories. My cat seemed to take a moment to remember who I was when I walked in the door, but then she started her crazy eights around my ankles. The house was just as I'd left it, too. My fabulous friend Michele made sure of that.

I've unpacked 75% of everything, but 25% of it is currently thrown on my bed. I started some laundry earlier today. It's taken a little while to get some motivation since getting home. There's so much to do after being gone for more than a month: laundry, vacuuming, dusting and changing the sheets on the beds, Dr's appointments, errands and paying bills. I did restock the fridge this week, which reminds me... I had a gallon and a half of milk left in the fridge when we left. You just can't imagine how fun that was to open both of those containers to pour them down the sink. Oh, it was bad. Real bad. I now know how kim chi and sauerkraut were invented, too. People went off to hunt or visit and left the cabbage or lettuce around. When they got home they had nothing to eat. Seeing the red and fermented cabbage they were so hungry they probably said "Let's just throw some vinegar/hot sauce on that stuff and try it." At least that's my theory after seeing the lettuce in my crisper when we got home.

We've had a very busy week with several doctors appointments. I thought we were going to have our overseas screenings, but that ended up being delayed. I DID see my doctor about the pain I'm still having on my rib cage. I was also concerned with how my breasts look now that everything has settled down after the two surgeries. It's not horrible, but it's not right. My doctor seemed very attentive to my concern, and gave me three options. I've decided to go with the least traumatic option, which will mean I'll still have to go under sedation again, but it's the least invasive. One positive thing is that he'll have to take a little bit of fat off my waist area to make this tweak. Yeah, I like that idea... just as long as I don't end up lumpy like Tara Reid. **rolling eyes** This whole thing has been hard, and I feel like I'm taking a roll of the dice to give him one more chance to fix it. Oh, and I had to have the nerve block on Friday. It may have helped. I don't know for sure yet because I saw this AWFUL woman about my leg on Thursday, and she gave me crutches which ended up making me hurt more than before. (I'll whine about that later, but I'm getting to the point that I can understand why so many people complain about the nurses and doctors on base. She was not a good nurse or doctor, or whatever she was... I don't even know which, to be honest with you.)

Alyssa is just now getting over the jet-lag. She was really suffering, which meant I was awake much earlier than I wanted to be the whole week. She's now sleeping in her toddler bed and several mornings this week I heard shuffling in the hallway before 4am. I'd get up and put her back in bed, but then I couldn't get back to sleep. It's all working out now though, thank goodness.

It's only a few more weeks now! There's so much to do to get ready for Hawaii that I'm sure it's going to go by quickly. Ahhhh... I am sooo glad this year is almost over. I can't wait to have my husband home. I've already started a to-do list for him.**wink**

I've got company coming over tonight. Can't wait! They're so much fun and make me laugh to the point that I snort. We're just going to eat some pizza and drink some adult beverages, but I can guarantee you it will be good times.

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