Thursday, September 29, 2011

This here's different rain than what we get in Ja-jaw.

It's raining. Just a consistent, relaxing rain. So relaxing that I don't even feel bad about not doing laundry. I mean, really... is it so important to get the laundry done that I need to trek through ankle deep water (drainage problem around building) with a huge bag, detergent, and an umbrella? Oh, no. It's not. **shaking head** Nor is it worth the risk of falling on something that's slippery and doing more damage to my ankle/leg. There. I've completely rationalized it all. ;)

We've only a few days left. I'm trying to savor each and every night that I am able to snuggle up to my husband. I keep reminding myself that it's only a matter of weeks before he's home and we head off to paradise. Well, Hawaii... but the landscape is pretty close to paradise.

Amazingly enough I haven't gained too much weight while here. I was eating like a pig, too! OINK, OINK, OINK. I was beginning to wonder if I'd picked up some kind of parasite. Hopefully not, but once I started having a glass of wine in the evening, the scale began to go higher. Alcohol really does slow down your metabolism. I think i'm going to give up wine altogether. HAHAHA... OK, so maybe not altogether, but only once or twice a month. Nothing tastes as good as feeling slender.

I met a young woman (22) at the playground the other day. She was adorable, but obviously legally blind. She said she thought I was her age! You don't need to laugh quite so hard. It's the nicest compliment I have received in a while. It just made my week. Even if she was blind, or flat-out lyin', I don't care. I heard the words. Which reminds me.... say something nice to someone. Preferably a stranger. I have heard way too much strident, negative, almost threatening stuff lately that I'm really focusing on passing along positivity. Where are peoples' manners these days? How hard is it to smile when you make eye contact with a stranger? Or to say excuse me when you bump into them? Just the smallest consideration can make a world of difference in someone's day.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Hotlanta Hottie. You rock! I wish I were celebrating with you. I hope your day is just as fabulous as you are. I want to be just like you when I grow up... even though I'm older ;)

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