Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kimchi and Soju

We went to New City tonight. I bought a cute shirt! I tell you what... it was hard, and I mean hard, to communicate with the sales lady as to whether or not they had a dressing room. Resorting to a game of charades seem to be the only answer, but I finally got my question across. Once I saw it, lol, I realized we are so spoiled in the US. Every store we go in has anywhere from 2-20 dressing rooms. Thing thing that I stepped into was no bigger than a space-saver corner shower, complete with an alarmingly confusing door handle that (I think) let out onto the street. It was all cool though. Super cute tunic to wear with some leggings. There's no tax added here either, so what you see on the pricetag is what you pay. I like that. No surprises.

After that was dinner at Two Two Chicken. We had some Garlicky Chicken, Spicy Chicken, and Kimchi with Sausage and Tofu, which was spiiiiiiiiicey. I loved it, though. We also bought a bottle of Soju, and the only comparison I can make of that to something American is maybe moonshine. It started out sweet but with each following shot it got sharper... like a warning. Considering we were also enjoying a bottle of Cafri, which is a Korean beer, we left there feeling light-hearted and craving some ice cream. We didn't dare drink the whole bottle of Soju so I brought home the leftovers.

Tomorrow we are going to Lotte (Low Tay) World, which is supposed to be about the equivalent of Disney World. That means we've got to get up early. **sigh**. It's going to take about two hours to get to Seoul and we've yet to figure out the subway. I'm sure it's going to be an adventure.

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