Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jet lag, Juicy girls, and a Brazilian buffet.

This place is great. It seems Alyssa is finally getting over the jet lag that threw her for a loop. I felt like she had been inhabited by a body snatcher when she started telling us it was time for a nap. That is no way, shape or form my daughter. She was up at 4am this morning, and I was too. I finally gave up trying to sleep at 5am. I hopped out of bed, made us some breakfast, and coffee.... and then realized we had nothing to do. So after staring at each other for ten minutes we began playing with her stickers. I'm working on not being a control freak but it just drives me up the wall when she places five stickers on top of each other. I kept trying to tell her there were plenty of pages for all the stickers to have some "breathing" room, but that's just not her style. I finally realized this and let her happily put them wherever she wanted. At least there'll be plenty of pages left for coloring, and my habit to control is subdued.

We went out yesterday to walk around and check out the "Ville". We bought Alyssa a beautiful little silk dress from the sweetest man who kept telling us he had no girls. Almost every adult Korean we passed had to smile and wave at Alyssa. They must really love kids over here. The people are so very polite... well, except for the "juicy" girls that seemed to glare at me. But that was probably only due to the fact that I looked fabulous (oh yes, I did) and the handsome man on my arm was one less customer. I just smiled warmly. They're probably miserable living that sort of life. I heard that a lot of them are from the Phillipines and were tricked over here under the guise of having a shot of making it in the entertainment industry. Sad and tragic, but moving on.... we then went to eat at a Brazilian Barbecue Buffet. I don't know what was Brazilian about it, but it was delicious. There were six different meats included in the meal. It was $25 per person, but you don't tip over here, and considering the whole experience it was well worth every penny. They would bring around one style of meat about every three minutes... sizzling hot, and absolutely tasty. There was top sirloin, bottom sirloin, steak, sausage, garlic beef, and chicken with the crispiest skin I've ever, ever had. It was a wonderful evening to walk home, too. The weather is pretty warm during the day, but pleasantly cool in the evening.

Today we are doing a little laundry, going to get me a cheap cell phone in case I need to call Bruce during the month when he's at work, and then off to do some more sightseeing after Alyssa's nap. Tomorrow we are planning on going to Osan to do a little shopping. Bruce says we'll have to get up early, but considering Alyssa and I are waking up around 4am, we've got it covered. Now dragging his butt outta bed is another story. He's claiming we are waking him up several times throughout the night, but I had to remind him that everytime we wake him up we are already awake!

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