Thursday, September 8, 2011

The story of the sad little cabbage donut... and other happenings.

As magical as being in a new country can be, there's nothing like laundry to remind you that the mundane chores do not go away. So, I'm doing laundry this morning. On a positive note, I'll get it all done in half the time since there are two washers and dryers.

Bruce was up at O' dark thirty (3:15 in civilian time) this morning and we won't be seeing him 'til later tonight, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with "the kid". We can't leave post. Well, actually we can, we just can't get back on. We can't go shopping without Bruce. I'm not even sure about the library, but we're going to check it out. So, at this point we've got the playground and the library. Hmmmm.... or Toy Story I &II on DVD. It's really overcast right now, and Bruce said it was going to rain today so we might just pop some popcorn and cuddle up together.

I am really surprised that it's not as expensive as I thought it would be here. I bought a box of 25 Fererro Rocher chocolates last night for $4. I had a coupon, but not with me, so I'm going to dig it out and get another box. Seriously, that box would have cost at least $10 in the US. Street food is super cheap here, too. We've been to New City twice now and it amazes me how inexpensive everything is. We bought what we thought were donuts, five in total, only to find out three were stuffed with cabbage and veggies. That was a tragic taste-bud moment. We made it all the way back to post and were sitting at the playground while Alyssa burned off the last of her energy when we decided to try them. My mouth was watering just anticipating the sugary sweet goodness I knew was about to come, only to bite into it and discover.... cabbage? Oh, yes. Cabbage. Thank goodness two that we bought weren't suffering from an attempt to mix dinner and dessert in one bite. Overall, their sweets lack sugar. I haven't tried enough though, so maybe I should withhold judgement.

Last night we went to Pizza School in New City for dinner. It was $12 for all three of us to eat. We bought a large Deutsche Bite Pizza, which was as odd a mix of flavors as it sounds. We, as Americans, eat some pretty boring pizza it seems. Here though, they throw on anything. Our pizza last night had hot dogs, corn, and even some applesauce on it.... I think. We never could determine what that flavor was in the last couple of bites. When we left there I bought some candies from a street shop. It looked like marzipan, but it sure didn't taste like marzipan. Bruce and I tried it after putting Alyssa to bed. We both took a bite out of one and didn't even finish the piece. Why bother when you've got 13,000 won worth of Dunkin' Donuts sitting right there beside you? We learned to buy backup sweets after the cabbage donut incident. Ugh. Which brings me to the waistline issue. I did soooo good the first week. Didn't gain a pound. But now I'm making up for it. Oh well. It's South Korea! AND I brought stretchy pants!

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