Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stepping stones to grace.

You should've seen the hilarious scene at the World Trade Center in Seoul yesterday. It went something like this: It's a beautiful day. People are bustling about one of the biggest malls in Korea. A woman is walking down a long, steep flight of stone steps, carrying a stroller when all of a sudden.... slip"ughnnn"bouncebounce"ughugh"bouncethump"ooooh"bouncebounce"ohshiiiiii"bounceslide "owwww"thump. She never let go of that stroller though! Now, that takes some grace to fall, bounce, and slide without letting everything go sprawling, except for that poor woman's dignity, right? I can only imagine if an English-speaking translator had been around we would have heard something along the lines of: "Wow! Did you see that woman fall and bust her butt?" or "HAHAHA... omigod, Kim and Lee.... check out the chick that just wiped out." It was funny, though. I mean, as humans we just can't help but laugh once we realize the person's still breathing. It's just comical to see the human body dancing of it's own accord, like a marionette, knowing the victim has absolutely no control.

Was I laughing, you ask? Hell no. The blood was flowing into my lower shin and ankle so quickly, it was all I could do to right myself, take a seat on the steps and try to get my breath. And not cry. Bruce was trying to help me halfway through the fall but he had his hands full with a very angry, very whiny, very much two year old child who was in the throes of acting like a twerp. Yes, I just said my daughter was acting like a twerp, and I'm not taking it back. She was. We had passed a kiosk of items in the COEX mall that had a cute little doll on a keychain. I was going to buy it for her... it was 3,900 won (the sign said so) but the woman wanted to charge me 6,000 won. I wasn't going for it. I'm onto their idea of the "tourist price". That's when the fit started. It continued for roughly 45 minutes. Non-stop crying and theatrics. I tried to explain that we would find a better doll. We tried distraction. We tried removing her from the scene for some fresh air. We tried ignoring her. She was on full-throttle tantrum mode though, so that's why Bruce couldn't save me from my own two feet. I really don't know what happened. One moment I'm thinking "Man, I wish she'd quit crying... I want some food.... chocolate, perhaps... and maybe some coffee.... hmmm, will I find a cute shirt in this huge place?.... how does her face get so red?.... there's got to be a chocolate shop.... what the........................"

My ankle and shin are pretty swollen. Bruce thinks I sprained the ankle, but I keep telling him I didn't. The swelling is not convincing him though. It really doesn't hurt that bad, but the bruise is going to be impressive.

We managed to make it through the COEX Aquarium with Alyssa. I've got some great pictures of that. I can't wait to show y'all the one of the warning sign that was posted by several of the open tanks. Whoever designed it must've had a sense of humor. They seem to have lots of dangerous, arm-eating species over here.
Once we got home and put our sweet, wouldn't-trade-her-for-five-bucks, angel to bed, Bruce and I came to the conclusion that it was NOT our best day. But, as I told him, even if I had to have a day like that, I wouldn't want it to be with anyone but him. He agreed.

Today. Well, today we're sticking close to home. Maybe a haircut. Maybe some groceries. Maybe some laundry. Maybe a good book and a nap. Definitely some wine.

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