Monday, October 24, 2011

Important life lessons, and who taught me mine...

I just put the little princess to bed. She's doing just fabulous in her toddler bed and I am amazed! Although I am also quite aware of the fact that if this is not an issue, there will be an equally opposite (as in difficult) issue to deal with. Y'know... as in conservation of energy. She's only saving it up. That energy will not disappear. Oh no. It will, no-doubt, make its reappearance while I'm running short on nerves. **Wicked laugh** Little does she know, I refuse to let her bring me down with her evil plan! But right now I'm just going to appreciate the ease of which we made it through this rite-of-passage.

Today I sent my husband a list of things I'm thankful for. They pertained directly to him, but it makes me think of other people I'm thankful for. These people have taught me many important things throughout my life:

My husband: Taught me patience. There's no sarcasm to follow this as some women might do. I have learned a different way of communicating with him. He doesn't think his communication skills are that great, but I beg to differ. With him, I've learned that if I wait a few seconds for an answer, he'll always follow through with a well thought out response. It sure does beat a knee-jerk retort when I might innocently be pushing his buttons... not that I would ever do that **wink, wink**.
My daughter: yet again, I must say patience. That, and the strength to keep my eyes open when I'm beyond exhausted but she's awake for some reason.... whether it be sickness or 3am shuffling through the hall due to jet-lag.
My dad: He's one of my few heros. Among other things, he's taught me a lot about how to deal with difficult people... and how to do it without cussing. I'm still a work in progress on that one when typing, but hey... cut me some slack... I'm married to a man in the Army. They can cuss a lot.
My mother: Taught me many wonderful things... and left the challenge of overcoming a little dysfunction. But, I'm sure she did it just to build character.
My sister: She inadvertently taught me how to sneak out as a teenager.... lol. Yep, all that was her fault. Absolutely no responsibility on my part. Oh, she also taught me how to put on make-up. Some might recall the lipstick lesson I wrote about that took place on our drive back from Florida. I don't use that much lipstick anymore, though. I think red is great in moderation, and limited only to the lips, as opposed to smearing it all over your face. Seriously, as an adult though, she's someone I admire for all her accomplishments, and the fact that she still has a wild side. Never boring, that one, that's for sure.
My brother has taught me that things can change. We used to fight when I was about 5 and he was 14. He was such a meanie then. But now I know I could turn to him for absolutely anything. He also taught me the importance of managing money. Oh, and not to pull someone's finger just because they tell you to.
Dottie has taught me what good manners really mean. She seems to handle any situation with such grace. Sometimes when someone is getting on my very last nerve, I just think "What would Dottie do?" I usually end up smiling at the person and saying "Well, bless your heart!" But that doesn't mean that if I ever say that to you that you're getting on my nerves. Honestly. And when I'm really excited, I find myself saying "I'm just so excited I could shit!", just as I've heard her say. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.
Kim has taught me the meaning of loyalty, and that there really are friends you can trust your whole life.
Kimberly has taught me the value of getting a tattoo. She also taught me that even through challenges and heartbreak, the world can be a very sweet place.
Heather has taught me that it's still possible for me to make new friends.... and the value of keeping up that friendship even across the miles. Also, that a really fabulous pair of heels are important to completing any outfit worth going to dinner in.
Judi has taught me that friends are not always the same age, or even generation, and that how many times you physically see them does not equate to how important they are in your life.
LeAna: I've learned what it really means to keep things in perspective. When I was feeling sorry for myself because my surgery didn't go exactly as planned, I humbly realized that I should be thankful that my reconstruction was not due to cancer. I also learned that neighbors can come to feel like family.

Like I wrote before, there is no order in this list. Each person holds such a wonderful place in my life, and I consider myself priviledged to be a part of theirs. Which makes me think of my grandmother and granddaddy. They influenced my life so strongly and positively. Throughout all my wonderful, cherished memories of them, I would have to say they taught me.... how to miss someone with all your heart, and the importance of appreciating the ones you love while they're still here.

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  1. I liked your little bit about your husband...waiting that few extra seconds does seem to make a difference with my husband too. But isn't it hard to wait sometimes?

    I'm glad to hear you had a good trip to Korea...and I am so excited for you about Hawaii. I can't wait to read more of your adventures (I did just get caught up after spending most of the first half of this semester away from blogs).