Monday, February 6, 2012

I may be technically homeless, but I've got a nice car...

I'm running on about 5 hours of sleep, which to some may seem all right, but for me it's not. I'm hoping the coffee beside me will persuade my eyes to come into complete focus. The reason for this is poor lil' Alyssa. She got sick last night and every time she made a sound I was immediately out of bed checking to see if she needed to be carried to the bathroom. I say 'carried' because she is so very rarely sick that she hasn't learned to get up an run for the bathroom. Bless her heart... she'd just throw up in bed if left to her own devices. So, I'd hear a sniff, followed by a cough, and I'd jump up just to make sure there wasn't anything else that was going to follow. She's set up on the couch now with a pillow and a snuggly blanket. I'm set up with the coffee.

Oh, I just had a thought that made me perk up! My new Jeep! **skies open up and angels begin singing** Yes, I have to brag here and get it all out of my system as I'm sure my friends and family are getting sick of me posting comments and pictures on Facebook. So here goes: I got a new Jeep!!! It's bee-yu-tee-full. I had no intention of getting a new one when we decided we were going to need another vehicle. I DID entertain the idea of buying a used 2011, though, but wasn't going to hold my breath. Bruce was saying he wanted a truck, too, so I had no inclination of what direction things were about to go. So anyway, on Saturday we went to the flea market at the Aloha Stadium but finished a lot earlier than we'd planned. I suggested we drive by the car lots then rather than waiting til Sunday. Long story short, we bought the Jeep that day. Now let me tell you about it. Actually, take a look at it, and then I"ll give details. Please forgive me for so blatantly bragging. I have never owned such a nice vehicle, and my husband floored me when he said "Let's get it. You deserve it, and it'll work into the budget." As if I thought I could love him anymore, he goes and says something like that. Well, here it is:

This is the new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo upgraded with the Limited package. It's got soft leather bucket seats, dual zone climate control, voice-activated commands, keyless entry... and I can even start it without being in it! Cool, right? Just to make sure I don't hit anything, it's got a rear sensor and camera, so when I put it into reverse the 6.5 inch screen for the dash turns into a video of what's going on behind the vehicle. It has heated seats with a 12 point electronic thingy which basically allows me to move the seat everywhere but onto the street. It has a built-in Garmin, and it's bluetooth equipped too. So, if I need to make a call I just push a button on the steering wheel, the lady asks me who to call and I tell her and she puts the call through. If that's not spoiling me absolutely rotten then I don't know what would.  It has several other things but it's only the stuff that guys would think were cool.

The fact that this absolutely gorgeous, sweet, caring and generous man that I am married to would buy something like this for me and take the older Jeep just makes me feel loved. Very loved. I made sure I worked the sales guy down to the lowest possible price. We already had our financing taken care of, so I knew exactly what I was willing to pay. When we first started talking numbers, Nick (the salesguy) walked inside and came back out with a folded sheet of paper. When he showed it to me, I said "No. No to this and No to this.No, no, no." ((pointing at two separate numbers)) I told him that as much as I liked the Jeep, I was NOT into immediate gratification, and this was only the first day we were looking in person. I let him know that I was not even in da mood. I said "Now Nick, you know from our talking the last couple of hours what I am willing to pay. Going back and forth is not going to work. You either take $------, or we leave." He went in, came back out, and I then told him to knock another several thousand off it and to drop the idea of us doing financing through them. Once again, he went in, came back out, and I had to set him straight AGAIN. Poor thing... I know he doesn't make much of a profit once it drops below the MSRP, but a sale is a sale. Now I have me one fine ride. OH yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.... **bobbing head**


  1. Hi Claire! New follower here, found you through, LOVE your jeep. Joined the jeep club myself last year! Have a picture of "big red" on my blog! Don't think I will ever stray from jeeps! Mine's a 2011 (my very first NEW car) so it has some of the cool features yours has, like the bluetooth, heated seats, and navigation.

    1. Hi Jessica! I just saw "big red". Big Red is cooool ;) There's just something about a Jeep that once you do, you're loyal for life, isn't there?

  2. That is so true!!! :) It's a good thing I bought a Wrangler considering we will be stationed in Minot, ND...told my husband that we need to lift it and put bigger tires on it! haha Just to make sure that I am covered for all weather and road conditions...right?! ;)