Saturday, February 11, 2012

Want to play with my golfball?

I learned something new yesterday. It seems that here in Hawaii, if someone approaches you and asks if you want to play with their golf ball they're really asking if you have, or want to buy, ICE. I'm not exactly sure what ICE is (other than the obvious that it's a drug) but Bruce tells me it's been around awhile. So beware... but, I'm imagining there will be some sort of tip-off before the question anyway. Which makes me realize I need to find out the gun regulations.

It was Girl's Night Out last night. Oh, I had such a great time! Although, at one point we thought there would be a total of seven of us, it ended up being a group of four. Two Navy wives, one Marine wife, and myself... the Army wife. We laughed enough for seven though. We went to The Chart House in Waikiki and had a great table with a view of the water. Fireworks started going off halfway through our meal, and just like little kids, we were riveted. Two of the girls I already "knew" from a website I've been on a while. One of those I met in person last weekend, and one girl was completely new to me. The "new" girl was from TN, too, and a complete charmer. We enjoyed a great meal and four hours of conversation without a lull the entire time. We spent almost another hour chatting in the car when we got to our meeting spot. I needed that. The last time I had a girl's night was when Heather and the Hotlanta Hottie and I got together... and I believe that's simply too long between girl's nights out. Bruce said I should do this more often so that I can find the good restaurants before he and I go out. OK, no need to twist my arm.

****************Gripe & Moan Section*******************
*************** Feel free to stop reading.******************

I had a biopsy on Thursday. It'll be up to two weeks before I get the results. I told Bruce this morning that if I were a horse then someone would've already put me down. I'm now dealing with some pretty intense jaw pain too, up by my ear. I can't yawn or open my mouth wide enough to put food in it without having eye-flinching pain. This is not good because I like to yawn and eat several times a day. I'll be making an appointment Monday morning. I go in next week to have my blood levels checked for a supplement they have me on, and to have the stitches removed. I'm scared the doctor will not take me seriously considering I have so many physical issues going on. Jaw pain, joint pains that seem to vary in intensity and location, a rash that's slowly, yet consistently spreading to every part of my body since September, the pain under my arm from the botched reconstructive surgery, and my on-and-off neck pain. Oh, not to forget the weird things on my jawline that are not acne- as it is on the rest of my face- and the fact that I could give a grown man a run for his money with the lovely facial hair I seem to be growing. Ugh. If it weren't for the fact that I have such a wonderful, sweet and supportive husband, an adorable daughter that brings me joy everyday, I honestly don't know what I would do. When I'm with them, I can put several of these things out of my mind (except the pain), but as soon as I step out of the shower and start my routine of covering/hiding all the crap on my skin from literally head to toe, it makes me mad and sad. I have to work to tell myself positive things such as "it'll be different in six months", "Just smile. Nobody will notice them as much as you do", or "I'll find a doctor that will actually take the time to try to figure out how these things are connected." That's all I can do. And at least my husband tells me he honestly doesn't even "see" these things when he looks at me. He does see them, but says he just doesn't notice them because he loves me, and that his mind just seems to block it out. The only reason I believe him is because I've had friends with bad acne and it was the same for me. Their personalities out shined anything on their skin. I take some consolation in that, and just try to smile a lot more. Well, I guess that's more than enough whining... but I really wish I could scream at the doctors, "Please just take the time to consider these things are connected!!!" I'd had that appointment with a wonderful rhuematologist right before we moved here, and thought I was really on the right track to getting some answers, but I now realize it might be a long road here with new doctors. "RUB SOME DIRT IN IT, CLAIRE!!!", and I will. I ain't no quitter.

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