Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clean and mean

Ahhhh... the downstairs is finally clean! No dust anywhere and the carpet is speckless. I can't write spotless since it's cream carpet, but I'm satisfied with it. It was 3 o'clock before I got around to getting started. I "doodled" around with other chores until then. Once Alyssa was up from her nap, we listened to music on Pandora and I got down to business. It was a beautiful day here, too. All the windows and doors were open, so there was no lingering funky smell from the vacuum. I have two vacuums. One for upstairs, and one for the downstairs. The downstairs vacuum was my husband's before we ever met. So, the funkiness has nothing to do with me. Just so you know...

My child is STILL awake. Bless her little stinkin', irritatin', temper-tantrum throwin', "no" sayin', picky eatin' heart. Argh! I put her down over an hour ago. This is not normal for her. I guess giving her that chocolate this afternoon wasn't too bright, but I felt guilty indulging and having her watch me with those big beautiful eyes. After giving her a rather generous piece, she ate it, came back into the kitchen and began pointing to the rest of the chocolate that was on the counter. "No more", I said, to which she replied "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore". She kept this up for about 5 minutes but I didn't give in. I WILL stand my ground when it comes to protecting my good chocolate. Kids... they have no appreciation for good chocolate. They can't tell if it's waxy, differentiate the flavor layers, or know the difference between 80% dark and 60% dark. I'll just give her the cheap stuff til she's 15. Call me selfish, it's okay... I've been called worse. Don't think for a moment that this child was hungry, though. She grazes on snacks between meals like a cow in the field.

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. Off base. Hallelujah! The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that the doctor has been practicing for 47 years. I saw this online when I googled him. My girlfriend, Heather, said "Well, at least he has a lot of experience to fall back on". My comment to that was "I just hope he doesn't break a hip in that fall!" Wish me luck ;)


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  2. Thanks Steph! I can't wait to read yours ;)