Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drive for wine

We took a drive over to South Carolina this morning. I was out of wine and the Aldi there has some fabulous prices on some pretty fine wine. I bought several bottles that I haven't tried yet, too. Reds and whites and a few in between. Bruce had mentioned that he wants to try out the Vinturi Aerator he sent me for my birthday, which completely surprised me seeing as how he's never been a wine drinker, so I stocked up for when he gets home. Speaking of which, I can honestly say I am more excited about this upcoming day than I EVER was about any Christmas, although the one when Alyssa was born was special in its own way. I didn't expect her to come on that day, so I never had a chance to get excited about it beforehand. Anyway, the excitement of him being here is so intense that I get butterflies when I think about picking him up at the airport. My soul begins to sing, and the world seems to be a better place just thinking about it. Sure beats the grumpies.

Alyssa and I are jammin' out with Pandora. I am now officially hooked on this site. It is so easy to click on the songs you don't like and before you know it, it's formulated a series of songs that you're guaranteed to like. I've discovered another artist that I didn't know much about... Duffy. She's a mix of Amy Winehouse and Adele. Scratchy, yet still smooth.

Since we've got a TV-free day, I guess it's time for me to get in the kitchen and do some cleaning. I've made a list of all the things I have to do before Bruce gets home. It's better to space it out, rather than trying to cram it all in in the last few days. Pace yourself... that's my motto, and the only way to avoid breaking a sweat. I want to have the house sparkling when he gets home so that I really don't have to do much the month he's home. My priority then will be to hug, kiss, pet, rub, tickle, and pick on him.... oh, and to sleep late, too! He said he's going to give me a break and get up with her in the mornings while he's here. That's one of several things I'm looking forward to. **wink, wink**

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