Friday, May 27, 2011

Yosemite Sam and Superman

I feel like Yosemite Sam right now.... except it is not the clean version. I swear! There is a very special place in hell for insurance companies and the people who make the decisions on what is approved or denied. It's no secret that they tend to slap "DENIED" on just about anything the first time it comes across their desk. Seriously.... I am vibrating with rage. I just received my "DENIED" letter in the mail today, which is most surprising considering my procedure was listed in the "approved" portion of the benefits they chose to include as to the reason why my procedure was denied. RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE!

I'll be back.......

OK, after throwing myself on the floor, kicking my arms and legs while screaming, I don't feel any better.

On to another subject. My excitement is climbing with each day that passes. Soon, Alyssa and I will be driving to the airport to pick up our Superman. I have saved almost all the cleaning to do until now. I don't usually wait on it, but I figured it would give me something to do while I hurry up and wait. The only thing is, is that he just realized he has several days off, which means we can Skype at night, which means I've got to figure out how to get some of this stuff done when we're not chatting. I'd made a list of things to do on each day and now I have to rearrange a few things. There are several things I can't do while Alyssa is awake. Coloring and highlighting my hair is the biggest thing at the moment. I may just bring the computer in the bathroom and make him suffer through it, too.

It's pizza night for Alyssa and wine night for mommy. Better get started on both.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! Enjoy your cookouts, friends, family and have fun.

Oh, I'd also like to wish the other Superman in my life a Happy Birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! You rock! Words cannot express how much I love you. You are such an amazing man. Thanks for putting up with Melissa and Eddie.... lol.

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