Monday, May 2, 2011

Why do today, what you can put off 'til tomorrow?

It's my anniversary, so I didn't want to ruin it by vacuuming and dusting. I'll do it tomorrow. Maybe.

I am making some headway on the medical issue. Got the good news today. Yippee.

I didn't have a dog in the fight today. Seriously.

Received a lovely postcard from a dear friend today. She was travelling through California and just wanted to wish me a happy anniversary. How sweet was that?

I've got lots to do tomorrow. At the top of my list is to schedule my massage, which reminds me that Mother's Day is coming up soon, too. Catch my train of thought, here?

Still eating healthy. I made an Asparagus Frittata tonight, but it was nothin' to write home about. Kinda bland. Alyssa wouldn't touch it. She decided the banana was the lesser of two evils.

Looking forward to my visit with Kimberly this weekend. She rocks. We'll be didden our hair.


  1. Happy Anniversary beautiful woman. I truly believe we need to sit down on the phone and talk about that posting about the guy. lol

  2. Thanks, Tonya! I'll message you on FB with my "digits". Loved your thoughts, and the presentation of them, on your last blog. It rocked!