Monday, November 22, 2010

9mm's and Boutique jeans

I've had a hiatus from blogging, but I'm back. The past few days have been pretty busy for us. My dad came in for a brief visit, which was wonderful. He completely spoiled my daughter and me. Took us all out to eat twice, and he was only here 24 hours. Then he took my daughter shopping and bought her all kinds of cute clothes. She's so stinkin' cute in a pair of jeans, too. Oh, and my dad also brought his tools and helped my husband put a peep-hole in the front door. That is one cool man.

I picked my gun up from the dealer on Friday. It's puuuuurty. My husband and I had a wonderful date night on Saturday, too. We went to the firing range and then out to dinner. I miss getting alone time with him, and it's ironic how many people have offered to babysit now that he's leaving. The great thing about it is that I think he and I will be able to enjoy one more date night before he leaves. I wasn't planning on that, so it's a bonus in my book!

I went shopping on Saturday, too. Went by Sephora and bought myself some really nice moisturizer and foundation. I have convinced myself that this is not a splurge at my age... more like an investment. The big bottle of Coco I bought was a splurge, though. The last bottle lasted me almost two years, so all things considered, I'm still not high maintenance. But!... then I went to Buckle and bought some utterly fabulous, expensive jeans. This is soooo out of character for me. I am the woman who clips coupons, only buy things on sale, and never worries about my wardrobe anymore. I am not the woman who goes shopping on the weekend just to pick up the newest pair of shoes that are in-style. I couldn't help it, though. There I was in the changing room... changing from a pair of loose, unsexy jeans that I thought were OK.... to putting on a pair of designer boutique jeans. I pulled them on (or rather hopped up and down until I got them where they were supposed to be, which the salesgirl assured me this is the ONLY way to wear these jeans), I turn around to look in the mirror and what do I see? ..::rolling eyes::... OMG, the mirror reflected a pair of legs and butt that looked like they belonged to a twenty year old. The people who designed these jeans are brilliant. Brilliant enough for me to slap down my bank card and not feel an ounce of guilt for spending near $100. It's amazing what a good pair of jeans can do to ward off that I'm-nothing-but-a-mom feeling". With these jeans on, I am nothing short of fabulous. That's money well-spent in my book!

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