Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I don't miss about being really young...

Catty, clique-y women. Y'know... the ones who thought they were sooo popular and made it a point to give new meaning to the word snotty? As a matter of fact, I hadn't thought about it in years, but was just reminded of it recently. I definitely don't miss this from my teenage and college years. Not that it was terribly prevalent at the high school from which I graduated, but nevertheless, I saw it a bit elsewhere. I have learned that karma (and time) can be just as catty in return, though. Especially, when you run into one of those girls, who is now a grown woman, and she looks like someone pulled the rip-cord on a self-inflating raft. Now that, my friends, is a touching moment, but not the real point of this post.

Lucky enough for me, I was never at the receiving end of this cattiness. Well, maybe once or twice, but what I quickly found out was that when you simply look 'em in the eye and challenge them... oh, they just back right on down. It worked for me, at least. Maybe they just saw a glimmer of the crazy that I was capable of, who knows?

Another thing I'm not too fond of is a bully. It's a really unattractive quality in a grown woman and one that I will address... as long as she doesn't look like she's on steroids. Lol, just because I may try to stand for what's right, the point in that is to 'still be standing' after making said point. But, anyway, what gets me is how technology these days seems to make some people feel as if they are entitled to be catty, rude, and a bully. Hiding behind some dorky screen name, they think they can avoid responsibility for their asinine attacks. You can't reason with these people, either. Try to engage them in an open, respectful debate about the topic at hand, and I swear it's as if suddenly they've had a frontal lobotomy. They can't address an issue posed intelligently or stay in line with the debate. They switch up the facts... slinging verbal crap like it's going out of style. Makes me feel like ole' Eddie, from Eddie's Auto....y'know those old clips of the radio station guy calling people to get them so riled up that they'd want to meet and fight?... But, I have to remind myself that they haven't reached a level of intelligence, security, happiness, or empathy for other people in general yet. Sadly, some people never attain these qualities. Did you know the frontal lobe of the brain does not reach full development until around 25? Interesting, huh? This is the part we use for reasoning, too. Get where I'm going here? For some people, as I have witnessed lately, age really is just a number and not proof of intelligence or maturity. Even though part of me feels sorry for them, part of me feels like saying "Well, yeah? HUH! Then just meet me down at the McDonald's and we'll settle it there!"

But, like Al Franken in the old SNL episodes (remember self help guru Stuart Smalley?) I just have to repeat to myself in the mirror "I'm pretty, I'm smart, and gosh-darn it!... People like me!" They'll have their day of karma. (Those of you who know me, thank god, will find this funny).
Catch me at the McDonald's by mistake, though, and I recognize your fat ass from that website.... you're going to see just how redneck I can be. All grooming, education, and manners my momma taught me are going out the window. That's when I'll briefly look in my rear view mirror (right before I hop out) thinking "Pretty? Smart? People like me? Aw, hell... who am I kidding?... I'm gonna kick your fat ass!"

Then I'll go home, do a little Yoga and drink a glass of wine. Moving on....


  1. great post! i think i may make a post something like this!!! i feel exactly the way you do lol

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed reading your blog, too ;)