Friday, November 12, 2010

Crusty neighbors and dueling banjos...

Yeah!!! The crusty neighbors are gone! It's amazing what a little voodoo doll can do! Just kidding, but I was beginning to contemplate the idea of alternative methods in getting them out of here. When I saw them moving out, I honestly started dancing a jig in my guest bedroom. My daughter had no clue as to why I was so happy all of the sudden, but the great thing about toddlers is that they really don't care... they just jump right in. So, there we were dancing and laughing when I realized my windows were open and they were still loading up. Oh well, no crime in gettin' jiggy with it in your own home, and they probably had no idea anyway.

Which reminds me... where is that gun permit? Bruce has already found a nice 9mm for me, but we don't want to order it until we 'know' the state of Georgia approves of me owning a firearm. Ha! If I don't make the cut, then the state of Georgia knows something I don't. I swear I was never a Russian spy. Although, I think I resemble the "Hot" one in the news right now. OK, OK, stop laughing and breathe. It does make me feel like a 'new kind of tough' to think of having a permit and owning my own gun, though. I'll just have to hitch my pants a little higher (hello dork!) and keep being as cool as I've always been. Wait, the phones ringing.......... yeah, that was Russia, but I told them they had the wrong number.

Bought a peep hole for the front door yesterday. Now we have to install it. Turns out the new bit we bought is too big for our drill. Why, oh why, must everything on our 'things to do before Bruce leaves' list cost so much money? I swear I think it would've been cheaper to just buy two plane tickets to Korea for Alyssa and me and call it even. Ugh! There's still more things to buy, too! Laptop, gun, Christmas gifts ...::violin music begins cascading through the air::.. (or is that the sound of the dueling banjos fading away as the people across the street pull out of the neighborhood?)

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