Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fire and Rain

First.... Fire. We have some little hoodlums running around in our neighborhood. Last night they set fire to the lamppost and bushes at the end of our street. We had a friend from out of state stopping by for a very quick visit and as I was giving him turn-by-turn directions, I had walked outside to greet him as he would be pulling up momentarily. Instead of saying "Turn left on such and such street", I said "You see the flames shooting into the sky? Turn left by the burning bush, and pray you get outta here alive". The fire department showed up shortly thereafter, but by that point the metal pole had gotten so hot that it barely missed one of the firemen when it melted in the middle and fell over. Crazy, I tell you. According to one of my neighbors, these kids were rounded up and arrested. I wonder what those parents are going to do? Considering the behavior I've seen even before this, I can't imagine much. My neighbor also said that earlier in the afternoon two of the girls in this group of punks were yelling at a man in his seventies down the street. Seriously? I just don't get it. I was never a timid teenager, but I never, ever could have imagined yelling profanities at an old man. May those girls come down with severe cases of acne and may their hair fall out the next time they bleach it! It will serve them right.

Second... Rain. It's raining here right now. Dreary, drizzly rain. Today is also the day that Bruce's stuff is being picked up to be shipped overseas. I think I may just drive on over to South Carolina, to my favorite ALDI, and pretend it's not happening. Denial does have it's place in a sane woman's life..... at least today it will.

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