Thursday, December 16, 2010

Change and children... lots of each.

I have finally seen the upside to my husband being overseas..... I'm not hungry. Don't want the chocolate; don't want the second glass of wine; heck, I've been so busy that I've missed my own dinner three times in the last week. Finally, I see the pounds coming off. Today I hit a personal milestone and had a bonding moment with my scale, in which I thought for a moment that we might just become friends. It seems as if all my clothes BC (before child) are calling to me from the dark recesses of my closet. I want to whisper to them "Don't worry, my long missed, wonderful clothes... we'll be seeing each other soon."

Bruce and I Skyped this morning. It helps me soooo much to see and talk to him on the computer. When we get finished, I always feel as if I can get through the day. There's a big difference between talking to someone on the phone, which we've done on previous separations, versus actually seeing them on the screen. The visual definitely helps fill the void. I was up at the ungodly hour of 5am to take a shower, so that I'd look beautimous when we chatted. It's going to be a big day today for us. I'm watching my friend's eight month old daughter today and tomorrow. Erin, the mom, is hilarious. She came over yesterday evening to drop off a "couple" of things for Evie. LOL... a "couple" of things which will help keep her cutie entertained and fed for several hours, but I'm thinking it's more like a month's worth. Although, I'm laughing about it now... I can just imagine that around two today, I'll be thinking there's nothing for her to play with ;)~ Poor thing is teething, too. Wish me luck!

I finally closed on our house yesterday. As much as I love, and rave, about USAA, this turned out the be a not-so-pleasant experience. But, at least it's done. Done. Done. Done.

I finished all my Christmas cards, but won't be able to get them in the mail til Saturday, probably. I've got to buy some stamps, which means going to the Post Office, and with all the babysitting I'm doing over today and tomorrow, it's going to be Saturday when I get out. Oh, I'm also babysitting for another girlfriend tomorrow night. She was so sweet to watch Alyssa a few times before Bruce left. Now it's my turn to return the favor. I can imagine that the next few days of 'toddler galore' will put to rest any romanticized feelings I may have recently had about having another baby.

Oddly enough, I have noticed some changes in my routine that I didn't expect. I have taken to watching TV in my bedroom, which is something I never did while Bruce was here. I think it makes me feel closer to him to be in 'our' room. I switched around a bunch of pictures upstairs, and moved a couple of other things around. It amazed me at how much cozier everything is upstairs now. Just a better flow all the way around.
Another change has been the computer. I used to get on first thing in the morning while Alyssa was watching Sesame Street and drinking her milk, but now I have no desire to get on unless I'm Skyping with Bruce. Alyssa's been watching less TV, too. We've been working on different projects, so I just turn on some music for her or get her crayons and coloring book out.

So, in one of my previous posts I made a reference to "Eddie's Auto" which was some radio guy who used to call people and get them worked up over the phone... to the point of deciding on a meeting place to fight. Well, while I was watching trash TV in my bedroom the other night, I saw a showed called "Phowned" which was hilarious... it reminded me of Eddie's Auto. Get some poor unsuspecting sap and call them with something upsetting. The great thing about the show is that you see their reactions, because their friends or family are in on the whole thing, and they've set up hidden cameras. The one I saw was where this teenager gets a call that the limo reserved for her prom is unavailable.... I swear you'd have thought this girl had just received news that all her hair was going to fall out.

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