Thursday, December 23, 2010

No, it's not Elmer Fudd... It's Rudolph.

Ugh. After not 'aving a cold for over 2 and 'alf years, I 'ave one. My eyes/forehead are itchy, my nose is running, and I'd give Rudolph a run for 'is money with my red nose. I'd give my little pinky toe to just go take a nap for a couple of hours. Lol, maybe next year.

Things are going good. I'm excited about Alyssa seeing all her Christmas presents from "Santa", and also her birthday presents. I think she's getting the idea of Santa now. We'll be celebrating Christmas that morning with Bruce via Skype, then we'll celebrate her birthday that night. Even though Alyssa and I will be the only ones eating cake, I went all out for the birthday plates, napkins, and banner. All I have to do now is pick up a birthday cake tomorrow and wrap all the presents (lol... with a glass/bottle of wine). I think it'll be an ice cream cake. The night of wrapping will include the glass/bottle of Merlot.

I love my husband. He is truly the sweetest man. I opened the gift that came last week and was so surprised. Like I wrote before, he said this was not a Christmas gift... it was just late. Turns out it was jewelry. An absolutely gorgeous eternity ring! I luuuuv it and smile every time I look down at it. It seems to wink back at me and say "bling, sparkle, bling". It's fabulous, just like me... and I'm so glad he thought the same thing ..::wink, wink::..

We're going to be watching as many Christmas movies as possible over the next few days, and to hell with what the pediatrician says about only two hours of TV a day! It's almost Christmas! Oh, the fun of a full day of "A Christmas Story."

I hope all of you and yours have a wonderful and warm Christmas! May you enjoy the day with all it's quirks and craziness. ;)

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