Friday, December 17, 2010

Drool and Jewels

I've been all about babies and toddlers the past two days. As much fun as I've had, I can honestly say those little niggling feelings of "should I have another baby?" are gone. So, Bruce, if you're reading this... you're safe from my analytical what-if questions for at least another year. (He's on the other side of the world laughing and thinking "Yea? And how, exactly, were you planning on having one of those without me, anyway?")

Right now, Alyssa and her little buddy Nora are watching Toy Story. They are being perfect little angels. Just both sitting quietly on the couch, laughing together. Although, whenever they laugh I feel like I missed the joke. Oh well, I guess you have to be "Almost Two" to be in their click. I watched Lil' Evie yesterday and today. Talk about cute... oh wow, she's a charmer. She smiles twice as much as she drools, which is alot on both counts ;)

Eleven days down, and I'm am happy that it's gone by quickly. I have a box in my kitchen that is waiting to be opened. Even though Bruce and I had decided we weren't going to exchange Christmas presents, I received a gift at my front door today. He's says it's not for Christmas, it's just LATE. He also said I cannot open it until we Skype. It's killin' me!!!! I'm not going to look in the box... but I can tell it's jewelry. Oh, how I love things that sparkle.

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