Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday is such a random day.

Have you ever given it any thought? Everyone loves each day of the weekend. Mondays are looked upon with dread. Even Wednesday is acknowledged as it's own day with the term "hump day". But Tuesday? It's just so random. At least Thursday is 'the day before Friday' and everyone feels good when it's Thursday... only Tuesday gets jipped of personality. It's just "Tuesday". Oh well. It's only that with all the discussion on the DADT repeal, I feel as if all the injustices in the world are rising to the surface. It's always either the homosexuals, heterosexuals, or Tuesday being oppressed.

I've been working on two care packages for Bruce. I'll be sending them out tomorrow morning once I have his complete address. Lol... it's been a challenge just getting bits of it at a time. I decorated the inside of the boxes just for the fun of it. There's a cartoon collage on one of them, with lots of pop art, and then Christmas clippings on the other. There were some cool black and white, random Xmas photos on that one. Neither will make it there before Christmas, but I still wanted to send one box that was related to the holidays.

Alyssa and I both woke up with something this morning. My ears and throat are bothering me, and she's coughing and sneezing. I hope it just goes away, and doesn't develop into anything more for either one of us. I think a big dose of Vitamin C is in my near future. How do I know this? Because I'm not just Claire.... I'm clairvoyant! Lol... oh, yeah, I went there.

I'm running out of projects to work on, and I'm about to have to resort to some heavy duty cleaning to keep myself busy. I guess I'll start with the floors. Ho hum. Maybe the garage will keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I've got several things I need to list on Craig's List, one of which is the Jeep Wrangler. If I sell it, then we'll be down to only one Jeep. It just doesn't seem right to me. But, Bruce has already started thinking about the new Jeep we'll buy after SK. If any of you haven't seen the new Jeep... it's something else. Truly a work of art and craftsmanship. I honestly get misty-eyed, and feel very patriotic, when I see the new commercial.

I'm off now. Someone is insisting that I sit on the couch and help her color. Life is hard... especially when you have to keep all the colors inside the lines.

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