Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny is tired, I'm sure... but that jackalope is still kickin'.

Happy Easter! I didn't see any live rabbits today, but I did see a couple of jackalopes in the back yard. They were just frolicking around the bushes.... by a few snipes. At least, that's what I told Alyssa.

It was a very nice day. We Skyped with Bruce this morning, which always makes me happy, then we went out to lunch. Alyssa was really good and it was great to go out all dressed up. The Easter basket was a big hit and she ate several of pieces of chocolate throughout the day. Maybe one too many. I don't think the sugar high had worn off by bedtime. I could hear her through the monitor, just babbling away to the rabbit that she insisted on taking to bed with her. She finally crashed and got quiet about 20 minutes ago.

The rodeo was a big hit, although technically, we didn't stay for the actual night show. It would have kept her up way too late, and I wanted to Skype with Bruce since it was the weekend. Because of the time difference, Friday and Saturday nights are the only times I get to talk to him uninterrupted.

I finally got to catch up with my friend Heather this afternoon. She came over while Alyssa was napping and we filled each other in about the last three weeks. It's great having her back in town, but it sucks that she's moving in a little over a month. **sniff, sniff**
She took some pictures of us when we got home from lunch, and it only took 184 attempts to get my new favorite. Ironically, what I'm learning is that the first picture taken is usually the best. No matter how many times I try to capture that kid smiling, standing still, and facing me...that first one is the closest I get, and the one I usually end up sending Bruce or posting on Facebook.

I had a massage on Thursday night. It was one of my Valentine's gifts, and I scheduled it so that I got home after Alyssa was in bed. That way I'd reap the benefits of the massage til the next morning. It was wonderful, luxurious, and relaxing, but what felt so incredible at the time developed into such tenderness in my shoulders that it hurt to simply run my hand over them. They are still tender, but it's not like the pain of a pulled muscle.... just like they're stretched out to where they're supposed to be since before I started lugging around a kid in the 84th percentile for height and weight. Bless her heart, and my shoulders. While the masseuse was working on my right leg I thought I was going to come off the table. He said it was "knotty" and needed about three hours to work on it. I'll take his word for it and told Bruce that if he hasn't gotten my anniversary present yet, he need not try to come up with something new and fabulous, but rather just let me schedule another appointment. I think he might! Oh, and another thing... just to brag about how sweet that man is to me... I told him about a dress that I tried on the other day and the fact that I absolutely fell in love with it (and the shoes). This dress was fabulous, and I'm not really into dresses. It looks like something off of Mad Men. I want to get it to wear to the airport when I pick him up. His response was "You deserve a new dress". I fell even deeper in love with him at that moment. The dress is NOT on sale... nor is it cheap. I'll have to show him my gratitude somehow. **wink, wink**

I'm going to bed early tonight. In fact, I'll be turning out the lights in 25 minutes. I've got to start sleeping more. Since I'm making such an effort with my dietary changes, there's no use in sabotaging it with not enough sleep. Sweet dreams... I bet I'll be dreaming about jackalopes dressed up in sixties clothing.

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