Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It doesn't hurt.... Are you sure you're doing it RIGHT?

My, my, today was a really good day.... other than the fact that I managed to set two alarms incorrectly last night. One I didn't finish setting, so it reverted back to it's original time, and my phone I set for PM rather than AM. I must have realized this on some subconscious level because I woke up almost every hour. I got up at 5:40, amazingly, considering I went to sleep at 12:30. Thank goodness I took a shower last night. The directions for the MRI said no make-up. HUH! Like I'm EVER going to leave the house with no makeup.... lol, right. It said something about the "metallic components" could react with the MRI blah, blah, blah. I like to live on the edge, so I took my chances and opted for foundation, concealer, and eyeliner, and stayed away from anything that shimmered. For those of you who can't understand this: You probably have great skin and don't come braggin' to me. Melasma sucks.

I couldn't believe how smoothly the procedure went. You see, I am a "hard stick", which in case you don't know, means my veins do not take kindly to needles. I had this idea that I'd start slapping the inside of my elbow while I waited on them to gather their materials. At this point in my life, I really just don't care about how goofy I looked. Must've worked. The MRI woman got it on the first try... painlessly! Then she warned me (a few times) that it was going to be "uncomfortable" when they injected the contrast dye. I didn't feel a thing. Nothin'. I even got worried as to whether or not they were doing it right since there was no "uncomfortability", but alas... they were. I think I even worked in a little 30 minute power nap because I sure did feel refreshed after the whole thing!

I took Alyssa to her speech therapy this afternoon, and her Dr. said she was impressed with Alyssa's progress. I really noticed a big leap this past weekend when she spent so much time with my family. Makes me feel guilty in a way, as if I'm not doing something right, but the Dr. said this is completely normal when they have different or new exposures. Alyssa's newest go-to phrase is "Oh Dear!" Knowing Bruce and I, it was probably originally "Oh Damn", but no one noticed. LOL... just kidding... to an extent.

On our way home, I got a surprise text from a friend of mine who wanted us to come hang out for awhile. We haven't been able to in months since she's been so busy with her uber-successful spa and salon. She's even in InStyle magazine this month! I can't afford her, but I sure do love hanging out with her. And oh, I just can't help it, but I have to post this picture of her daughter. This happened while I was holding her. I'm sure it'll be a classic blackmail photo when she's a teen. BTW, she is the most grinning-est baby I've seen, even while recovering from an ear infection. Bless her cute little heart.

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