Thursday, April 14, 2011

Give me a break.

After two and a half years in our home, I feel like things are organized. Maybe not clean on this particular day, but at least neat. All the plants are done, the chimes are hung, the garage is clean, my cabinets are the way I like them, and the DVD player is now hooked up in my bedroom. I'll be able to enjoy it all for a few months 'til we move again and the fun will start all over. This is the life of a military family, and I love it.... except for the separations from my husband, of course.

I have another Dr.'s appointment in the morning and Alyssa has a babysitter, so I won't have to worry about taking her with me. Hallelujah! I think I'm going to try to do something really fun with her this weekend. I don't know what yet, but we both need it. She and I have gotten into a rut of a routine and I believe she's getting sick of me. Whenever we go out lately, she shamelessly flirts with anyone who breathes in her direction. I bet if I knew what she was saying to them, it would be something like "I'm sick of my mommy. If you take me home with you I will blow kisses like this **blowing kisses** all the time. Aren't I cute... don't you want me?" Followed by more air kisses. They always smile, say "Hi" and a few other words, and walk away. Then she looks at me and her cute smile disappears when she realizes she's stuck with me. A tantrum sometimes follows this, too. The great thing about having a babysitter, though, is that when I come home I get the biggest smiles, the sweetest kisses, and the best hugs. I take that as a testament that I should get a babysitter more often.

I took an almost two hour nap today! Just as soon as Alyssa went down I got in bed and was out. I have just been sooooo tired lately. No wonder, considering I've been staying up way too late and running all day, everyday. As my daddy once told me "Girl, you've got too many irons in the fire". So, for the next few days all I'm going to do is the normal housework around here. I'm going to plan something fun for Alyssa and I, and I'm even going to catch up on my shows on the DVR. Ahhh, and next week I'm cashing in my gift certificate for a 90 minute massage. I can't wait!

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