Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Serve me some deserve!

I've got a new body scrub! It's homemade and marinatin' in the fridge until tomorrow. It consists of kosher salt, grape seed oil, and freshly picked rosemary and mint. All crushed together and waiting to be slathered on. Now, that's how you get your money's worth out of some $4 herbs from Lowe's.

Heather came over today and we had a great time. That girl and I can talk for hours and not get bored. We made the body scrub, played referee between the toddlers, and ate big salads for lunch... ah, my mouth is watering just thinking about how good it was. No boring salad for us! We had the standard lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper beginnings for any traditional salad, but then we added sunflower seeds, pine nuts, goat cheese and then heaped on some fresh mint and basil from my personal "garden". We completed it with a Newman's Own Raspberry and Walnut Vinaigrette... scrumptious, I tell you.

I never put Alyssa down for a nap today. She was having too much fun playing with Heather's daughter, so I figured one day won't kill her... or me. She did pretty good throughout the afternoon, but we'll be back to the routine nap tomorrow. I can't risk having her think that naps aren't an everyday thing because, little does she know, she's going to be taking one til she starts kindergarten. Which, ironically, makes me think of my friend's blog. Her name is Tonya, and I swear she's been making me laugh with her stories since college. She had this absolutely, hilarious "Theory of Nevertivity" today, which still has me giggling. I bet her theory is right, so I might as well go ahead and just "hope" that Alyssa takes naps for a few more years. I just knocked on some wood, too.

There's going to be a Farmer's Market this Saturday, about five minutes from my house. I'm going to check it out, considering I'm all into that sort of thing now. After that, I'm off to buy that dress. I have now convinced myself that the dress is completely worth the price and that I simply cannot live without it, especially, with my husband's words echoing in my ear ....:: "you deserve a new dress"::..

But do I deserve the fabulous shoes that go with it?....

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