Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore.

I guess a tornado came through here last night. I slept through it.

The alarm on my phone went off at 5:30 this morning and I turned it off, thinking the bedside alarm would go off 10 minutes later. After a few minutes, I heard my daughter making noise in her room, and when I looked at the clock I realized the electricity was off. It stayed off until almost 8:30 this morning, which meant no Skyping with Bruce. We did chat on the phone, though. We're switching cable companies today and I had to exchange the wireless router I had bought for a more expensive one. It better be worth it. So anyway, since there was no way to heat up Alyssa's breakfast, I decided to run up to Wal Mart, exchange the router and treat her to some McD's pancakes and a hasbrown. Healthy, right? Ugh... she loved it, but I ate a McMuffin and hashbrown and my body is not used to the grease anymore. I'm draggin'.

Well, when we left the house (after I figured out how to get the car out of the garage) I saw there were several really big trees completely uprooted by the high school. This is very close to our house. You could walk straight from my house through a small wooded area, cross the road, and be at the high school. The weird thing about all of this is the fact that one of my my big planters blew over out front, which has got to be at least 50 pounds, but all my little pots of herbs, balancing on the deck railing, were still there. Debris is all over the yard, balcony, and deck... but those little pots didn't move. Thank goodness, too, because I would have been sad if  I'd had to buy new pots and replant all of them.

I've decided to give my back a break from planting today. I think we'll practice being lazy. I may do a load or two of clothes, but nothing more. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the urge to finish up the last couple of planters and clean off the decks and balcony. THEN, I'll post some pictures.

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