Friday, April 15, 2011

Tsch... ok, whatever.

Went to another Dr.s appointment this morning. I left there slightly disappointed, then it got worse after the appointment. Seems the Dr. had not reviewed my MRI results before my appointment (great job Doc). Once he had, he told me the disconcerting news over the phone, while I was on my way to the mall to find the perfect anniversary gift for my husband. It's probably, and hopefully, nothing, but I'm not bouncing along as I was the last few days. Needless to say, I was in no mood to go walk through the mall after that, so I just came on home.

Oh, and to follow up... I AM 5'7.5"... so there! When the nurse asked me how tall I was I played dumb and said "I'm not sure. Will you measure me, please?" So, she did and it's great to know I'm not shrinking that much.

Oh hell, let's get real here: I am more than disappointed. I am pissed! I am now somewhat scared, too. Mark my words, I'm going to get my issue repaired, as it should be, whether insurance is going to cover it (as they ethically should) or if Bruce and I have to fork over money. I can put up with the Melasma, the acne, the plethora of scars marring my skin from my lower spine up to my shoulders, but I AM NOT GOING TO SETTLE FOR WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THIS! What really makes me mad, was that I had initially seen another Dr., in lieu of my PCM, and he he said insurance would cover it all. I realize there can be mistakes in information given out, but considering my particular situation there wasn't supposed to be an issue. Oh, and the Dr. who told me this wasn't some newbie... he was a Lieutenant Colonel... which is a high enough rank to make me think he knew what he was talking about.

At this point, I am following up with trying to find the information that they want. I am going to keep things in perspective and try not worry about it. Once I get what they need, I'll have another appointment, and I'll just go from there.

Reminder to myself: Life is short... make the best of it. Work hard. Be kind. Keep toxic people at arm's length. And finally, respect is earned.


  1. Thank you for the kind words! I am sorry to hear that you're having medical problems while your husband is away, you seem like such a strong woman, but if you ever want an ear lmk. :)

    I am glad that your husband was able to make your birthday special for you! What a sweet guy you have.