Monday, October 25, 2010


Censorship sucks. I've just realized that I really have to censor my thoughts on here. Even though the whole point is for me to write about what I find interesting.... God knows who'll take something I write and misconstrue it into something else. It's a good thing I love my wonderful husband so much... and respect his career and clearance, or else I'd say "Get over it... not my problem". You see... I just wrote this interesting post about this stupid punk who was smoking a joint on his front porch today. He happens to live directly across the street. He's 15, not in school, and there's something else going on over there. Well, I called the Sheriff's dept and reported it. If he's dumb enough to smoke a joint on his front porch, he deserves to be busted.

So, herein lies my issue... my previous post was hilarious... oh, if you missed it then you just missed it. It was up for all of 10 minutes before my sweet, darling husband SQUASHED it. Oh well. He's worth it.

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