Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee and Trust

Bit of wisdom: Don't drink four cups of coffee, when you normally drink two, and expect to feel calm and relaxed. This bit of wisdom I forgot. I had a friend and her daughter over this morning for coffee and a play date, but drank my two normal cups starting at 6:30am. So, she shows up with her cutie in tow, and I proceed to have 2 more cups while the girls are playing. About 20 mintues after the fourth cup, I began to sweat. As the saying goes, I felt like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew. Phew... my heartrate is up, my hands are shaking, and if it weren't for my daughter napping, I'd probably be fiendishly cleaning the house right now. I'm sure the urge will pass by the time she gets up. Anyway, it's not smart to operate large machinery under the influence. Vacuum cleaners fall into this category in my book.

I am so excited about this weekend! I've worked out a babysitting arrangement with a friend, so now we'll both be able to have date nights with our husbands. Which means Bruce and I will be having dinner and going to a haunted house this Saturday night. I can see it now....::soft music playing::.... romantic dinner (in which all we talk about is our daughter), then on to a fun-filled time at the haunted house (of which, in the middle of the haunted house I will think, "Why the HELL did this seem like fun?!"), then back home by 10 (which in turn will only make me feel old, considering my nights didn't even get started until 10 before the baby). LOL... no, I'm not really that negative, but while Date Nights are great in theory, they're hard to live up to. I'm still excited about it... and anyway, all the real fun probably won't happen til after we get home ;)

Which reminds me of a story: When I was about 17, I went to a haunted house with several friends. We were all psyched up for having the hell scared out of us. Oh, and the haunted house wasn't just a house. The way it was set up, you had to go through a house, then go outside to get to a bus which had been decorated and had people hiding in it and they'd jump out, then we'd have to run across a field to get to the next designated spot, and so on, and so forth. There were probably five or six different scary themed areas on the property. WELL... let me tell you, this was a rude awakening on how friends can leave you high and dry, not caring if you live or die. We were all running from the bus when this ungodly scary guy comes out of the woods with a chainsaw running. It was realistic. Too realistic. Motor was running, he was revvin' it, and you could even smell the oil comin' from it. This guy did not look good either. Huge, bloody guy who was yelling loudly how he was going to KILL us. Like I said before, we ran. Took off screaming across the WET grass as if the devil himself were chasing us for our souls. Now, you'd think if you fell down, a true friend would stop and help you up. They definitely wouldn't pause, turn around, laugh hysterically, then turn back around and take off running again. Right? Well, that's just what I did. I wasn't stoppin' for nothin'. I left poor Andrea laying there on the ground, screaming her head off, as that chainsaw beast was headed towards her. She lived, but that was the night that I realized I needed to work on my trust-building techniques.

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