Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whine and Wine

One always leads to the other.... at least for me. Bruce usually gets home in the afternoon and plays with Alyssa to give me some time to myself. That's when I get a glass of wine. There is, inevitably, some whining throughout the day, so I savor this first glass. I prefer Merlot, and as I start to sip this red concoction, I feel myself begin to let go of the stresses that accumulated throughout the day. Now, let me pause here to interject... NO, I do not need wine to wind down. I am perfectly capable of winding down by other measures. Like sex! But that's another blog, and I'm sure I just shocked the hell out of some family members. LOL, I like to do that sometimes.  But, anyway... as the days wear on, and December cruelly creeps upon us, I wonder what I'm going to do when he's not walking in the door around 6pm to relieve me. I dread it. I am so lucky that this man comes home, smiles, kisses me, asks me about my day, then whisks Alyssa away for her bath and bedtime story. It gives me some time to sit at the computer or wander around the kitchen while I cook some chicken. By the time he comes back downstairs, I'm the bestest, happiest wife a man could ask for. The routine is going to change, though, whether I like it or not. It's going to be "All Mommy, All the time." That's cool. I can deal with it, being the fabulous gal that I am. But don't y'all think for a second that I won't whine about it. On a positive note, what's going to be really cool is when Alyssa performs a new trick six months from now. The opening line for this will be "Have you ever seen a two year old open a bottle of wine?"

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