Thursday, October 28, 2010

I hope I'm a good shot.

I just applied for a gun permit. Yeah, they let anyone apply for these things. I had to answer several questions regarding felonies and misdemeanors, and you know what I found hilarious about that? The fact that I had to stop and think. Seriously. I realized at my age, and from time to time living vicariously through some of my friends' stories, that there've been some laws broken. After thinking about it, I remembered that I wasn't involved in any of them. But as for some of my friends, and I won't name names... let's just say her name starts with an "S" and ends with an "acie", well... she's not gonna be getting a gun permit anytime soon ..::wink, wink, Stacie::.. No, I'm not really throwing her under the bus. I just love to get her all riled up.

I come from a family that knows how to use guns. As a matter of fact, I have a 15yr old niece who can put most men to shame with a little target shooting. Her little brother is about the same. Talk about some cute kids! Oh, and my neice isn't just 'cute'... she's really, really pretty... so I get such a kick out of it when my brother sends me pictures of her and her latest kill. There she is with her little pretty smile, long hair, and.... a dead deer. They like to hunt wild turkey, deer, and dove. Just depends which season is open.

So, anyway, I have a standard to uphold, here. Hell... I'm surrounded by good shots. My husband is an expert shot in the military, my sister is pretty scary with a rifle, and my brother regularly gets his limits in season. And my dad? HA! Let me tell you: This one time, I was out at his house helping with some yard work and he wanted to move some tin for his roof from out of the yard. Well, he told me that he'd seen some copperheads recently, and that he wanted me to stand back when he lifted the tin. He was holding a rifle at the time, too. So, I take a couple of steps back as he lifts the tin and before I know it, he's pushed that tin out of the way, pulled that gun up, aimed, and shot the head off of this little copperhead. It makes a difference that it was a little copperhead, too, because there wasn't as much to aim at. I mean, the whole thing happened in a matter of maybe five seconds. That was one of those defining moments that I knew my daddy was one of the best.

When I applied for the permit, I was told that they'd either send it to me in about 30 days, or they'd call me to set up an "APPOINTMENT". When I heard that, I went back to racking my brain, just to make sure there wasn't anything I had forgotten. LOL... I can see it now.... (Phone rings) "Well, Claire, it seems we need you to come in and discuss a few things". All I can say is, I think the statue of limitations ran out on me for biting that little girl in kindergarten, so I should be ok.


  1. I have a carry permit ;) I had my "evil ways" expunged a few years back! It's pays to know people lol, only thing on that sucker is 50 zillion speeding tickets. OH & yes you threw me under the bus and squealed tires, hefer.

  2. lol.... carry permit? They WILL give these things out to anyone, huh? ::wink, wink::