Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday and I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing.

The days are slipping away. It seems as if time has accelerated beyond my normal perception. While, I'm happy that it's Friday (because that means two full days with my stud muffin), I'm not happy because this past week just seems as if it's evaporated. Kind of like an ice cube in Arizona. Time can be cruel, and I don't mean just to the aging I can't imagine time going this quickly while Bruce is in Korea. What's a girl to do?

One thing I'm going to do is make a list of things I want to accomplish while he's gone. Which reminds me... I was going to write about this yesterday, but a fellow military spouse beat me to the punch. She's just the cutest thing... but quick. I read her list yesterday and when I finished I felt like I needed a nap. She's got way too much motivation. Makes us thirty something moms feel lazy! LOL... give it ten years, she'll slow down. So, anyway... here's my list:

1. Learn another language (using Rosetta Stone). Brush up on my German, and work on French.
2. Take some online courses to finish up my degree
3. Enroll Alyssa in swimming classes
4. Find some kind of volunteer work
5. Become a ninja
6. Write my blog everday

I'm sure there will be other things to add to it, but that's what I'm starting with. I've got a sister in TN, so I may try to kidnap her one weekend just for the fun of it. I wonder if I could pull something like that off? That'll take some planning, though. She's a fighter when provoked. I might just put it on the list after I accomplish #5.

Alyssa will be dressed up as Supergirl for Halloween. She can't say "Trick-or-Treat", but she's got "BOO!" down pretty good. I doubt anyone will turn her away.
So, Happy Halloween to all! May your kids get nothing but the good, expensive candies so you can steal it from them while they're asleep. That's what I plan on doing ;0  (I will, of course, rationalize it by saying that I was doing 'safety checks').


  1. My curiousity is peaked (and it makes me want to write a list for when my hubby is deployed).

    How do you plan on becoming a ninja. :)

    Oh... and I followed you over here from MilSpouse because you seem like my kind of person (I'm potatopoetry).

  2. LOL.. Hi, potatopoetry! Here is my secret plan on becoming a ninja: Step 1... buy black pajamas. Step 2... practice walking very, very quietly. Step 3... buy rapelling gear. Step 4... perfect 'Ninja Smoke Technique'. Step 5... invest in more life insurance ;)